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JSTDA 45th Anniversary Celebration

The Johor State Tyre Dealers Association (JSTDA) celebrated its 45th anniversary with a grand dinner at the Grand Ball Room recently.

JSTDA Launches 45th Anniversary Booklet

The Johor State Tyre Dealers Association (JSTDA) celebrated its 45th anniversary with a grand dinner at the Grand Ball Room, Restoran Pekin Johor Jaya, Johor Baru on 26th May, 2019.

Approximately 800 people attended the celebration. The restaurant was filled with people laughing, chatting and calling out to each other.

During his opening speech, President Dylan Tay thanked the JSTDA committee and members for their support. He expressed the honour of being elected and was grateful for having the opportunity to lead the JSTDA that was founded by his late father Tay See Cheon.

“Being an active member under the guidance of the past Presidents such as Kew Kuik Tin, Foo Chong Seng and Goh Soo Choy for the past 15 years allowed me to accumulate priceless knowledge and leadership skills for this role. I sincerely thank them for all the guidance,” he continued.

Tay urged all the members and tyre industry players living in today’s digital age to work together. “We are in the early stage of the ‘sharing economy’. More and more businesses are conducted through e-commerce or social media platforms. The impact is that information could easily be available, accessible and transparent. Therefore, price transparency is inevitable. To differentiate from the others, members need to embrace new technologies and upgrade service and skills. As such, the JSTDA is planning to organise more workshops, training sessions and seminars to equip our members for the change.”

The ‘sharing economy’, he pointed out, was slowly becoming a reality especially in the automotive industry. Consumer behaviour would change as the popularity of E-hailing, E-leasing and car-sharing grew. These trends not only lowered car ownership but would result in a few players in the market owning large fleets. With large fleets, these companies would have big bargaining power in the purchase of tyres and other related products. He urged the members to consider the possibility of working together and sharing customer source.

Meanwhile, Organising Chairman Desmand Kew thanked the committee for its effort in making the celebration a huge success.

“We managed to get 100 sponsors for the dinner opening ceremony, drumming performance and ribbon cutting as well as advertisements in our anniversary booklet. We thank them for their generosity, which helped us to achieve our fundraising goal,” he said.

The decoration of the restaurant that night was inspired by Formula One motor racing, which Kew explained, was to remind members that the tyre industry should be like motor racing, always pushing for better performance and progress.

A special 45th anniversary booklet was published to capture the history of the JSTDA, member directory and trade advertisements.








郑明发呼吁今天生活在数码时代的会员和轮胎业者团结起来,站在同一阵线上。 “我们才刚刚进入‘共享经济’的时代。随着通过电子商务和社交媒体达成交易的商品不断增长下,消费者可轻易接触到信息,获得信息,信息也变得愈发透明化,而价格透明化的现象将无可避免。为了脱颖而出,会员需要提升他们的技术,服务及技能。为此,柔佛州轮胎商公会计划主办更多的工作坊、培训及研讨会,加强会员的装备,使他们能够应付这些改变。” 











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