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Kitar Teliti to Showcase Roadone CA10 and HF21 Tyres at MCVE Expo 2022

Kitar Teliti MCVE Expo

Kitar Teliti will be highlighting Roadone CA10 and HF21 truck and bus radial (TBR) tyres at the MCVE alongside with their other products.

Kitar Teliti All Sets to Introduce RoadoneTBR Tyres at MCVE

Johor based Kitar Teliti Sdn Bhd, the sole importer and distributor of Roadone tyres in Malaysia, has announced its participation in the Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo 2022 (MCVE)from 10th to 12th March 2022.

“We will be highlighting Roadone CA10 and HF21 truck and bus radial (TBR) tyres at the MCVE, taking place at the Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC) in Seri Kembangan, Selangor. This will be alongside our other products,” said Kitar Teliti Group Sales Manager Goh Chee Shing.

The HF21 is a flagship TBR tyre of Roadone for long-haul use on the highway and urban roads. He explained that it is an all-position tyre for buses and is suitable too for a truck’s steer axle and trailer position. The tyre uses a special tread compound formula independently developed by Roadone, bringing better wear resistance with higher mileage when compared to similar products from other brands.

With optimised contour design and unique tiny sipes on the tread, the HF21 offers increased grip and safety on wet roads, as well as fuel economy. Good self-cleaning and an anti- stone trapping performance is achieved through its special groove design.  Furthermore, uneven tread wear is minimised thanks to the tyre’s wide shoulder block design.

OE Competence Recognised

“The Roadone HF21 series, produced by Tongli Tyre Co., Ltd have been approved as original equipment (OE) tyres for Hanvan G7, produced by the Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd (XCMG).  Standing at the forefront of China’s heavy construction machinery industry, XCMG is the 5th largest heavy construction machinery company in the world.  As one of the manufacturers in China with the most diversified and complete heavy construction machinery product range, the company has developed and set the standard for the country’s domestic industry. XCMG has the industry’s leading product innovation capability and the most comprehensive automotive parts manufacturing system. Currently, it is one of the most competitive and influential companies listed in the sector,” Goh said.

Since the Hanvan G7 truck’s introduction, he pointed out that the truck has received positive reviews from the Malaysian market. “The good market response of the Hanvan G7 has contributed to a surge in demand for the Roadone HF21 tyres. This shows that the quality of Roadone tyres, which is available in 3 sizes – 11R22.5, 235/75R17.5 and 295/80R22.5 has been recognised by the local market.”

In other developments, the China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd (CNHTC), a company which is one of the three largest heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers in China, has established a business relationship with the Tongli Tyre CompanyCNHTC’s subsidiary, Sinotruk (Hong Kong) Limited, engaged in the research and development, manufacture and sales of light-duty, medium and heavy-duty trucks, buses and related components, he explained further. The Tongli Tyre Company supplies Roadone tyres as the OE tyres for the company’s heavy-duty trucks.

The good performance of the Tongli Tyre Company has won the company various recognitions, including the Best Performance Supplier Award by CNHTC Sinotruk in 2018 and the Best Quality Award by XMCG in 2021.

Following the global trend of companies reducing their environmental impact, Roadone has developed their latest bus tyre series – the Roadone CA10, based on green manufacturing and a lower carbon emission concept. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly, the CA10 tyre series is designed to meet the requirements of local city bus operators in terms of improved safety, reliability and higher wear performance, Goh explained.

Available only in one size – 275/70R 22.5, the CA10 is an all-position radial bus tyre. Featuring a widened closed shoulder design, its special sipes design ensure uniform force in the tyre crown area under frequent braking, offering more stable braking and even wear. The scratching and premature wearing of the CA10 tyre sidewall is prevented, thanks to its abrasion-resistance sidewall design.

“Today, the CA10 has become the first-choice of tyre for many Chinese bus companies, including Jiaoyun Group, due to its unique design. The tyre also successfully stood out in the local competitive bus tyre market and became the preferred brand for Prasarana Malaysia Berhad, Malaysia’s leading public transport company. The tyre is also the tyre of choice for the owner-operator of Rapid stage bus services in the country,” he said proudly.

According to Goh, Rapid stage bus operator is satisfied with the overall performance and quality of Roadone tyres, and Kitar Teliti has become the main tyre supplier for Rapid stage buses since 2020.

It is also worth mentioning that Iskandar Malaysia Bus Rapid Transit (IMBRT) ran on CA10 tyres during a Scania renewable fuels and electrification solutions pilot test.

International Standards and SIRIM Certified Products

Roadone’s products have obtained various certifications. These include the CCCISO9001:2015IATF16949:2016ISO14001:2015OHSAS18001ECEUSA SmartWayEU REACH PAHs, EU REACH SVHC certification, and, most importantly, the Malaysian SIRIM certification.

Roadone CA10 and HF21 tyres are certified by the SIRIM Berhad after undergoing a series of rigorous and detailed standard tests. Roadone tyres have met all the enforced standard requirements. It is only after obtaining the certificate of recognition (COA) can the company’s tyres be affixed with the SIRIM mark.”

To help us understand more about the Roadone brand, Goh shared a brief background of the manufacturer of the brand. Hixih Group, the producer of Roadone tyres was established in 1989. After more than 20 years of development, the Group is now a leading manufacturer of tyres and conveyor belts. As a global group, Hixih has 10 subsidiaries under its umbrella with businesses comprised of electric power, biological engineering, metal products, wire rope, environmental-friendly products, medical and health care, capital operation and real estate. It has established joint ventures with many large multinational companies such as Pirelli from Italy, Goodyear from America, Continental from Germany, Bekaert in Belgium, who have gained great success in their respective fields.

Today, the Group represents an important rubber industry and rubber engineering products base, as it is the largest industrial conveyor belt and rubber engineering products manufacturer in the world. In August 2016, Hixih Group ranked 292 among the top 500 Chinese companies.

Roadone Brand – a joint effort of Hixih and Pirelli

The successful cooperation with Pirelli for more than 10 years has led Hixih Group to add tyres into its product mix, he points out. Roadone brand was born in 2003, and in 2005 the Group set up a joint venture with Pirelli, intending to develop Roadone as a top private premium tyre brand. The joint venture production facility is the only joint venture factory that Pirelli has in China.

Roadone brand was relaunched in June 2015 by Tongli TyreRoadone commercial tyres are high quality tyres produced using European engineering technology, raw materials and equipment from Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and United States. The Roadone brand strategy has been to adopt state-of-the-art technology, coupled with the Hixih Group’s in-depth understanding of the local customer needs in China while adhering to the brand’s core values of ‘safe, durable and powerful products. Targeted at the mid-to-high end market, Roadone is a tier one private brand.”

Hixih’s industrial park covers an area of more than 7,000 acres. The park is equipped with advanced testing machines such as the ozone resistance testing machine for rubber materials, and durability fatigue testing machines for truck tyres, high-speed testing machines for passenger car tyres. The Group has collaborated with universities and other industries in its research and development (R&D) for continual breakthroughs in its product offerings. Furthermore, according to the company, Hixih has been ranked among ‘China’s top 500 enterprises’‘China’s top 500 manufacturing enterprises’ and ‘Shandong’s top 100 enterprises’ over a variety of consecutive years.




启达集团销售经理吴世胜表示:“我们将MCVE展会中,展示陆通CA10和HF21卡客车子午轮胎。该展会将在雪兰莪州史里肯邦安的马来西亚国际会展中心 (MIECC)盛大举办。届时,这两款轮胎将与我们的其他产品并列。”








仅提供一种尺寸 – 275/70R 22.5的CA10,是一款适用于全轮位的巴士子午胎。采用加宽的封闭胎肩设计,特殊的刀槽花纹设计确保频繁制动时胎冠区域受力均匀,制动更平稳,磨损更均匀。 CA10 轮胎侧壁的耐磨性设计可防止刮伤和过早磨损。

他自豪地说:“CA10凭借其独特的设计,已成为多家中国公交集团的首选轮胎,包括济宁交运集团。该轮胎也成功地在本地竞争激烈的巴士轮胎市场中脱颖而出,成为马来西亚领先的公共交通公司–马来西亚国家基建公司( Prasarana Malaysia Berhad) 的首选品牌。此外,它也是国内快捷通巴士服务运营商的首选轮胎。”

据吴世胜表示,快捷通巴士运营商对陆通轮胎的整体性能和质量感到满意,而启达自 2020年以来就已成为快捷通巴士的主要轮胎供应商。

值得一提的是,在斯堪尼亚可再生燃料和电气化解决方案试点测试期间,参与该测试的马来西亚依斯干达快捷通巴士系统 (IMBRT) 使用的正是陆通CA10 轮胎。


陆通产品已经获得多项认证。其中包括CCC、ISO9001:2015、IATF16949:2016、ISO14001:2015、OHSAS18001、ECE、美国SmartWay、欧盟REACH PAHs、欧盟REACH SVHC,以及最重要的马来西亚SIRIM认证。

“陆通CA10和HF21轮胎经过一系列严格和详细的标准测试后,获得了马来西亚标准与工业研究院(SIRIM Berhad)的认证。这意味着陆通轮胎已满足了大马的强制标准要求。只有获得该认可证书(COA)后,陆通公司的轮胎才能贴上SIRIM的标志。”




在华勤集团与倍耐力10余年合作后的经验下,华勤集团决定投入轮胎生产领域并成立了陆通轮胎有限公司。陆通轮胎品牌诞生于2003年, 随后在2005年华勤集团与意大利倍耐力公司成立合资公司,并计划将陆通打造成顶级私有高端品牌。该工厂也是倍耐力在中国唯一的一家合资工厂。



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