Bendix Brake Wear Indicator – So Simple and Effective

One of the simplest innovative ideas the industry has seen in a long time comes from leading brake specialist Bendix with the release of a visual brake wear indicator.

Printed on the side of the replacement Bendix brake pads, the wear indicator enables the trade to see at a glance when the brake pads are due for replacement.

Importantly it also provides strong visual evidence for the trade to show a customer that the existing pads are worn and dangerous or that they are worn down to the degree that they will not last until the next service. Alternatively it shows that the pads are in good condition and replacements are not required.

The imprint screened onto the edge of the pad clearly shows the wear level with the word ‘REPLACE” sitting amongst the indicator marks. Once the wear indicators are reached or below the safe level it’s a booking for immediate replacement.

Simple and effective, the idea from Bendix means the brake pads can be replaced with confidence as the company continues advancement of innovative ideas and technology for today’s vehicles.

About the author

Mary has over 20 years experience as the editor of our Malaysian sister magazine, The Tyreman. Based in Kuala Lumpur, she writes articles for us on the Malaysian and other South East Asian markets.

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