Yokohama Rubber Starts New OE Partnership with BMW

Yokohama Rubber

The Yokohama Rubber Co, Ltd announced recently that it was now supplying its global flagship ‘ADVAN Sport V105’ tyres to Germany’s BMW Group for use as original equipment (OE) on the automaker’s new X3 model. The new BMW X3, which debuted in November 2017 in North America and would be released gradually in markets around the world, would come equipped with tyres in one of two sizes — 225/60R18 104W or 245/50R19 105W — the latter of which features Yokohama Rubber’s run-flat technology. This marks the first time that Yokohama Rubber has supplied tyres as original equipment for a BMW model.

The ‘ADVAN Sport V105’ is a high-performance tyre developed by Yokohama Rubber primarily for use on high-power premium automobiles. The tyre delivers excellent driving performance combined with superior comfort and safety characteristics. The tyres being supplied for the new BMW X3 were jointly developed with BMW and bear the German automaker’s star marking of approval on the tyre sidewall. In addition to being selected as OE for the BMW Group, the ‘ADVAN Sport V105’ also comes factory-installed on topline high-performance models from other leading global automakers.

Yokohama Rubber also supplies its high-performance racing tyres to BMW racing teams that to date have achieved great success on Yokohama tyres. Schnitzer Motorsport’s BMW M3 captured the first World Touring Car Championship in 1987 and won the European Touring Car Championship in 1988. BMWs running on Yokohama tyres also won a combined total of five 24-Hours Nürburgring and Spa-Francorchamps 24 Hours races, two of the world’s elite road endurance races. In Japan, a BMW 635CSi running on Yokohama tyres captured the first All-Japan Touring Car Championship Class 3 title in 1985. GSR&Studie with Team Ukyo captured the GT300 class series championship in the 2011 SUPER GT series. Studie AG has been a BMW support team since 2014 and a BMW works team since 2016. Yokohama Rubber provided support from 2008 to 2017.




横滨橡胶株式会社日前正式为宝马新车型X3提供其全球旗舰轮胎产品ADVAN Sport V105。新款X3已于2017年11月在北美市场首发,随后将在世界范围内依次上市销售。这是横滨橡胶首次向BMW提供轮胎配套。配套规格为225/60R18 104W及245/50R19 105W(缺气保用轮胎)。

ADVAN Sport V105是横滨橡胶面向高性能高端车的高性能轮胎产品。在发挥了其绝佳的驾乘体验的同时,该款产品还在较高程度上平衡了其优越的舒适性及安全性。本次提供新车配套的轮胎是同宝马共同研发的,在胎侧印刻有表示BMW技术认可的星形标识。ADVAN Sport V105除本次为宝马提供新车轮胎配套以外,还为世界众多高性能车提供轮胎配套。

此外, 在宝马挑战世界级赛车比赛时,横滨橡胶也为其提供高性能赛事用胎,至今已获得丰硕战绩。在海外赛场上,施耐泽(Schnitzer)宝马 M3曾取得世界房车锦标赛的首届冠军(1987年)及欧洲房车锦标赛冠军(1988年),在世界级耐力赛——纽博格林24小时耐力赛及斯帕-弗朗科尔尚24小时耐力赛中,也曾共获得5次优胜。在日本国内的全日本三级房车锦标赛中宝马 635CSi也取得过首届冠军(1985年)。在Super GT的赛事中,GSR &Studie with TeamUKYO曾获得GT300级别的系列赛冠军(2011年)。此外,同队的Studie AG自2014年起成为宝马的赞助车队,2016年更是成为宝马的企业车队活跃于赛场。横滨橡胶自2008年至2017年间为Studie AG提供轮胎支持。

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