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CAPAS 2018 Continues Exhibitor and Visitor Growth Trend

CAPAS 2018 Exhibitor Visitor

The 5th edition of the Chengdu International Trade Fair for Automotive Parts and Aftermarket Services (CAPAS) concluded after 3 successful trade fair days, from 24th to 26th May, 2018 in Chengdu, China.

CAPAS 2018 Sustains Growth Momentum with Increased Exhibitors and Visitors

Speaking about the fair, Fiona Chiew, Deputy General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co, Ltd said: CAPAS is committed to serving as a business platform for the automotive industry in Southwest China. On this platform, many Chinese and international brands could introduce high quality products and innovations to the area, while local exhibitors from Sichuan and Chongqing regions could reveal their strengths. They have an opportunity to expand business network and attract foreign trade and investments.”

Held at the Chengdu Century City New International Exhibition & Convention Center, the show welcomed 18,016 visitors, compared to 17,378 in 2017. The exhibitor number rose from 522 last year to 583, up 12 per cent, with products, services and green credentials presented across 4 exhibition halls occupying 45,000sq m of space.

The figures speak for themselves. However, for us, what was even more exciting than the rise in attendance and exhibitor numbers was the higher diversification and international spread of exhibitors. There were exhibitors form Germany, France, Korea, the US, Japan, Spain and more besides China. The Singapore Pavilion included an auto body raw material supplier, Asia Polyurethane, Kian Ann Engineering, an independent distributor of heavy machinery parts and diesel engine components, and Kian Chue Hwa (Industries) that carried a wide range of products for on-road and off-road truck applications.

New Exhibitors from Tyre Sector

As this was the second time The Tyreman was invited to the show, it enabled us to make some comparisons with the previous edition. We could see the efforts that the organisers had put in, for instance in attracting new exhibitors, especially from the tyre sector. They were Linglong Tire that showcased its new KTD101 Cross-Rainy Truck and Bus Radial (TBR) tyres, Sichuan New Gallop Trade Company Limited that distributes CST and Giti passenger tyres and Chengdu Rui Tu Tong Fei Auto Parts, which is the Sichuan wholesaler for Kenda, Nokian and Saferich tyres.

With this year’s CAPAS, one could see the continual focus on the 6 theme zones, which was launched in 2017, with the aim of offering segment oriented and highly-efficient matching platforms for exhibitors and visitors. The 6 theme zones, namely Made in Sichuan, Commercial Vehicle Zone, Supply Chain Procurement Zone, Quick Fix, Replacement Parts & Chain Stores Zone, E-mobility & Infrastructure Zone and Automobile Lifestyle Zone, were presented with enhanced product structures, a wider scope of products, more business opportunities and better services.

A stronger focus was on the Quick Fix, Replacement Parts & Chain Stores Zone, where according to the organisers new opportunities had arisen. With the level of convenience and multifunctional competence, repair chain stores have become the next hot spot for growth. In addition to the prominent chain store brands such as GAPE China and Jingdian Auto from China, it was delightful to see first time participant Fix Auto China, a global brand from the UK and Tyreplus. The former is the world’s largest collision repair chain store for passenger cars while the latter is Michelin’s global brand of its retailing concept. They were there to share their diversified management systems and innovative ideas.

Since its introduction to China in 2003, it is said that Michelin Tyreplus has about 1,400 outlets as of December 2016 in the main cities of China. The participation in CAPAS not only showed Tyreplus’ ambitions in further expansion, but also reflected how it viewed CAPAS as one of the effective ways to boost its brand awareness and get in touch with potential customers. This was worth mentioning as in similar automotive parts and after services trade exhibitions in Malaysia, we had not seen participation from auto services and repair chain stores before.

The E-mobility & Infrastructure Zone, which occupied one entire hall in this year’s CAPAS, brought together 23 new energy connected mobility brands, including BAIC, BYD, Chang An, Chery, Greely Auto, JAC, JMC, Volvo, among others.

The emphasis in this edition of CAPAS was the importance of environmental protection policies in the Sichuan region, with various well-known industry leading brands showcasing their green credentials, including Fix Auto China, Liqui Moly, Shandong Yihe, and more.

Among the renowned brands at the show were Botny, MANN+HUMMEL, Snap-on, Knorr-Bremse and Wabco.

 20 Fringe Events Unveil Future Opportunities

A wide selection of 20 fringe events was arranged during the three days. Among the more popular topics for attendees, transformation and environmental consciousness were on the lips of many during the show. The events included the ‘Transforming and Upgrading the Automotive Aftermarket in Southwest China Summit’, ‘Evolution, Integration, Beyond the Future’ China Aftermarket Innovation & Development Summit 2018, and China New Energy Automobile International Cooperation Conference 2018.

Taking ‘Transforming and Upgrading the Automotive Aftermarket in Southwest China Summit’ as an example, despite the growing demand for newer, more advanced channels and the information technology making significant inroads in the automotive aftermarket, many service stores in Southwest China still work under more traditional models. As such, comprehensive topics were covered during this summit on 24th May to help companies embrace technological advancements, including the application of the Internet, new retailing, digital operation management and financing. These included topics such as a new regional repair market report, industry’s developments and trends in the Yunnan Province, the transformation and upgrade of automotive service stores as well as the Michelin TyreplusProfit Model Sharing Session. In the session, representatives from Michelin shared their insights on digitalisation to enhance a brand’s growth.

There were also a number of high quality training sessions. Each of these events received positive feedback due to the comprehensive coverage of the industry’s hottest topics, which helped manufacturers, distribution channels and end-users perceive a clearer direction on how the industry is transforming and how to better equip themselves to adapt to market changes.

CAPAS is jointly organised by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the Automotive Sub-Council (CCPIT-Auto), Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Sichuan Council (CCPIT-Sichuan).

The 6th edition of CAPAS would be held from 23rd to 25th May, 2019 in Chengdu, China.




法兰克福展览(上海)有限公司副总经理周劭阑表示:“服务西南市场的定位是CAPAS始终坚持并为之努力的。透过CAPAS, 众多海内外优质展商携其产品、技术,成功进军西南,而川渝等本土的展商则有机会向外界展现他们的实力,实现了对外商贸、交流及招商引资的目标。”

今年的CAPAS,迎来了18,016名海内外观众,相较于2017年的17,378名。 参展企业则从去年的522家提升至583家,增加了12%,在总面积达45,000平方米的四个展览馆,展出他们的产品、服务、新能源及环保产品。

数字说明了一切。然而对我们来说,相较于观众人数和参展商数量的增长,更令人兴奋的是参展企业的多元和国际化程度。今年,该展会在中国以外,成功吸引了德国、法国、韩国、美国、日本、西班牙等国家及地区的企业参展。其中,新加坡企业更是透过展团形式集体亮相,包括车身原料制商Asia Polyurethane、独立的重型机械零部件及柴油引擎组件经销商Kian Ann 工程及经销公路和越野卡车应用的广泛系列产品的Kian Chue Hwa (工业)。


由于这是《轮胎世界》第二次受邀参观该展会,让我们得以将此展会与上一届做个比较。主办单位的努力毋庸置疑,尤其是在吸引来自轮胎业的新参展企业方面。这包括了玲珑轮胎,他们展示了最新的KTD101 Cross-Rainy 卡客车子午胎、经销正新(CST)和佳通(Giti)轿车胎的四川新飞驰商贸有限公司,以及建大、诺记(Nokian)及福瑞驰轮胎的四川总代理成都市瑞途同飞汽车配件有限公司。


我们还可以看到CAPAS如何紧贴行业趋势,把更大的注意力放在快修、易损件及连锁专区。据主办单位表示,这个领域出现了新的巨大商机。售后连锁凭借着其便捷化、经济性与高质量服务的独特优势,巨大的发展前景为业界看好。除了中国著名连锁品牌如冠普马力可(GAPE China)和四川精典汽车等外,也很开心地看到第一次参展的来自英国全球品牌的Fix Auto大师钣喷,还有驰加(Tyreplus)。前者是来自是全球最大的轿车碰撞修理连锁集团,而后者是米其林的全球零售概念品牌,借着此次展会与观众分享他们的多元经营方式与创新理念。

据悉,米其林驰加自2003年于中国启动以来,截至2016年12月底,驰加门店已近1,400 家,遍布中国所有省份各主要城市。驰加的参展不仅显示了他们进一步扩展的野心,也反映了他们认为CAPAS是他们与潜能客户接触,进一步提升品牌知名度的有效平台之一。这尤其值得一提,因为在马来西亚的其他汽车零部件和售后服务贸易展中,我们从未见过汽车服务及修理连锁品牌参展。 

新能源专区在此次CAPAS展会中以一个整馆的规模,汇聚了中国国内外23家新能源汽车及车联网产品。其中包括北汽(BAIC)、比亚迪(BYD)、长安、奇瑞(Chery)、吉利汽车(Greely Auto)、江淮、江铃、富豪等。

四川环保政策的重要性也是这一届CAPAS展会的重点之一,并成功获得中国海内外著名品牌如Fix Auto大师钣喷、力魔、山东一和等的纷纷响应,展示他们的环保产品。参展的其他著名品牌有保赐利(Botny)、曼胡默尔(MANN+HUMMEL)、实耐保(Snap-On)、Knorr-Bremse及威伯科(Wabco)。


在这为期3天的展会中,主办单位用心安排了20场高质量兼具话题性的活动。当中,最让与会者津津乐道的无疑是与行业转型和环保意识有关的课题。这些同期活动包括“西南地区汽车后市场门店转型升级高峰论坛”、“智变.聚势.赢未来—2018 年汽车后市场创新发展峰会”及“2018中国新能源汽车国际合作大会”等。

以“西南地区汽车后市场门店转型升级高峰论坛”为例,尽管市场寻求更新、更先进的渠道,信息技术在汽车后市场已经取得了巨大的进展,中国西南的许多服务门店仍然延续着传统的经营方式。有鉴于此,5月24日举行的论坛为此对互联网、新零售及数字化运营管理、汽车金融等热点在西南地区的发展现状与应用进行探讨,帮助企业拥抱互联网与科学化管理,转型升级为新实业。论坛内容涵盖:2018 西南地区终端门店发展调研报告、云南省汽车维系企业发展现状及趋势、汽车门店转型升级之路,以及米其林驰加盈利模式分享会。在该分享会中,米其林的代表分享他们如何透过数字化强化品牌增长。




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