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New Additions in High Performance and Mud Terrain Tyres from Deestone

Mud Terrain Tyres Deestone

Deestone showcased Premium Tourer RA01 high performance tyre and the Mud Clawer R408 mud terrain tyre at Tyrexpo Asia.

Deestone at Tyrexpo Asia

As a regular exhibitor at the Tyrexpo Asia event,Thailand based Deestone Corporation were once again at the show to promote their growing international status as a visionary producer of quality tyres for most market sectors from PCR and High Performance through to 4×4 and OTR patterns.

The Tyreman spoke with Deestone Sales Manager – Pichet Chunpaiboon, who informed us that taking centre-stage at this year’s event were two of the very latest products that have been recently launched. The stylish Premium Tourer RA01 high performance tyre and the rugged Mud Clawer R408 mud terrain tyre.

Chunpaiboon said, “Both these ultra new tyres were making their debut at a major tyre show in Asia, and they created a lot of positive interest from visitors to our booth. The Premium Tourer RA01 presents a number of innovative features that ensure an even higher level of safe and comfortable driving style along with the ultimate in high speed driving performance. At present 25 size options are available from 185/55/R15 up to 245/45R17.

“The ‘tough’ Mud Clawer R408 presents a larger more aggressive mud terrain pattern that guarantees extended durability and longer tread life even in the most challenging and difficult off-road terrains. A total of 27 sizes are currently on offer from LT275/70R18 through to 37 x 13.50 R22LT.”



迪世通销售经理Pichet Chunpaiboon在接受《轮胎世界》采访时表示,今年的重点展出产品是两款最近才发布的轮胎。时髦的Premium Tourer RA01高性能轮胎和粗旷的Mud Clawer R408泥地轮胎。

他说:“ 这两条首次在亚洲主要轮胎展中亮相的超新轮胎,成功吸引了许多观众到我们展台。Premium Tourer RA01 拥有许多创新的特点,确保更高的驾驶安全和舒适性,以及高速驾驶性能。目前共推出25种尺寸,从185/55/R15 到245/45R17。”

“粗旷的Mud Clawer R408 具有激进的泥地花纹,即使是在最具挑战性和困难的越野地形,也能提供延长的耐磨性和寿命。目前共有27种尺寸, 从LT275/70R18 到37X13.50R22LT。”


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