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Deestone Achieves Good Reputation

Deestone Achieves Reputation

Deestone’s superior product quality is clearly proven in the international market as it exports to more than 80 countries.

Deestone Won High Praise for its Good Quality & Reasonable Price

Deestone was established more than 30 years ago and is currently the Number 1 local brand in Thailand. Cooperteams Distribution Sdn Bhd is the authorised distributor of Deestone tyres in Malaysia. Today, Deestone Ltd has a complete product range that serves all kinds of vehicles, including passenger cars, 4x4s, trucks, buses, agricultural and industrial vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles.

Deestone’s superior product quality is clearly proven in the international market as it exports to more than 80 countries with the United States, Middle East and Asia as its biggest markets.

YR Auto Centre Sdn Bhd is one of the tyre service centres in the Kepong industrial area. In addition to providing a full range of tyres and rims, it also includes general vehicle repair and maintenance services. Since selling Deestone tyres in 2015, this tyre range has become one of the centre’s hot selling brands.

John Yap, head of YR Auto Centre, is a car-loving person. After completing his Form 5 in 1987, he joined a tyre shop as an apprentice. At that time, he was only in 17 years old. With his combined interest and work, he quickly learned about the repair and servicing of tyres. After years of learning on the job, John Yap was gradually upgraded from an apprentice to a master. He then chose to start a business in 2002 and opened his own tyre store.

John Yap said: “Our tyre centre opened in 2002 and had been in operation for 17 years. In the beginning, there were 6 technicians and 6 other employees. Now with the increase in business, the number of service technicians is increased to 10.”

“I chose to be the main vendor of Deestone because of its good quality and reasonable price. On selling Deestrone tyres, we found the feedback from customers encouraging, especially about the tyres looking good and being durable.” He continued. “At present, many customers are beginning to understand Deestone tyres and are specific on the type of tyres they want, such as the R702, R302 for general range cars, R408 for off-road pickups and RA801E for MPVs.

He concluded: “The main uniqueness of Deestone tyres is that the company continues to improve the tyre quality and develop new products. Coupled with the rapid response of the Cooperteams sales team and its distribution incentives, I am very satisfied.”

In 2019, John Yap hopes to continue to expand his business and attract consumers through social media and coupons.

Lee Seng Tyre Service Satisfied with Products and Services

Lee Seng Tyre Service Sdn Bhd is a long-established lorry tyre shop. Since opening in 1982, it has been in business for 37 years providing repair and tyre services for local commercial vehicle manufacturers in the Jenjarom area.

After the death of Yeoh Hoon Peng, the founder of Lee Seng Tyre Service in 2007, the business was handed to his two sons, Yeoh Han Teck and Yeoh Han San. Although the two brothers were still young at the time, they had worked with their father since childhood and acquired the necessary tyre knowledge. As such, they could adapt fully to running the company business in a short period of time, expanded its operational mode and gradually improved the company’s performance.

Han San, who is in charge of the company, said: “The company had 9 employees in 2007, including 7 technicians and 2 employees responsible for the paperwork. Now we have added 2 more technicians to attend to the increasing pool of customers.”

Lee Seng Tyre Service began selling Deestone tyres in 2015. Han San said the company received full support from Deestone, including marketing and after-sales service, and Cooperteams Distribution responded quickly to any situation that arose.

Cooperteams Distribution believed in taking care of its dealers and its strategy included not having other dealers sell the Deestone brand within the same area. This orderly marketing strategy protected the dealers from a price war, thus giving them more confidence in selling Deestone tyres and making a reasonably good margin.

“I chose to be the main vendor of Deestone because it is of good quality and reasonable pricing. For commercial vehicle manufacturers, they not only consider the quality of the tyres but also the driving mileage as one of their cost control consideration. This also explains why Deestone tyres have become a well-received brand in recent years,” he continued.

Han San is optimistic about the prospects of the Deestone brand. As the brand’s visibility increases, he could foresee its strong potential for the future.


迪士通(Deestone)为泰国数一数二轮胎制造大厂并通过各国检验认证,至今成立超过 30 年,世界多个国家也有售卖迪士通轮胎。Cooperteams Distribution 私人有限公司是迪士通在大马的授权经销商。


迪士通卓越的产品质量在国际市场上获得认可,因为它至今已出口至 80 多个国家,其中美国、中东和亚洲是其最大市场。

YR 汽车中心私人有限公司是甲洞工业区内的一家轮胎服务中心,除了提供全系列的轮胎与轮辋,也包括一般汽车维修与保养服务。该服务中心是在 2015 年开始销售迪士通轮胎的,如今该品牌已成为他们的热销品牌之一。

YR 汽车服务中心负责人叶育明热爱汽车,他于 1987 年中五毕业之后,便投身轮胎维修店工作并当学徒。那时候才 17 岁的他在兴趣与工作的相结合之下,很快就学会了维修汽车与补胎的技能。经过多年的磨练,叶育明从学徒逐渐升上师傅。随后他在 2002 年选择创业,开设自己的轮胎店。

叶育明表示:“我们的轮胎中心于 2002 年开始营业,开业至今已经有 17 年。刚开始的时候,我们有 6 名维修技师和 6 名公司职员,现在随着客流量的增加,我们已经把维修技师增加到 10 名。”

“我选择成为迪士通主要代理商,因为它的品质好,而且售价合理。在销售迪士通轮胎之后,我们发现客户的反馈令人鼓舞,除了轮胎的花纹好看之余,也相当耐用。”他继续说。目前许多客户已经开始了解迪士通轮胎,更会自行说出要什么款形的轮胎,如适合一般轿车使用的R702、R302,特别为越野皮卡设计的 R408 以及 MPV 车款专用的 RA801E 等。

最后他表示:“迪士通轮胎的主要独特之处在于其持续改善品质和开发新产品,加上 Cooperteams 销售团队的快速回应以及他们所推出的经销奖励计划,令我感到十分满意。”

在 2019 年,叶育明期望可以通过社交媒体和优惠券的方式继续扩大宣传和吸引消费者的光顾。


利升胶轮服务是一家历史悠久的罗里轮胎店,自 1982 年开业以来,至今已经有 37 年的历史,为仁嘉隆当地的商用车业者提供维修与轮胎服务。

自利升公司创始人杨云鹏于 2007 年逝世后,生意便交由两名儿子杨汉德和杨汉生接手。尽管那时候两兄弟年纪尚轻,但是由于自幼便跟随父亲工作的关系,不仅对轮胎的知识了如指掌,在短时间内很快就适应了公司的运作,更扩展公司的营运方式,逐渐提升公司的业绩。

目前公司的负责人杨汉生表示:“公司于 2007 年的职员人数为 9 人,包括 7 名维修技师以及 2 名负责文书工作的员工。现在我们为接应更多的客户,已经增加多 2 名 维修技师。”

利升胶轮服务于 2015 年开始销售迪士通轮胎。杨汉生表示,该公司获得了迪士通的全力支援,包括营销售后服务, Cooperteams Distribution 都给予迅速的回应。

除此之外,由于 Cooperteams Distribution 秉持着顾及代理商的权益的信念,所采取策略包括不让多个迪世通代理商出现在同一个地区。这种营销策略保护代理商免受到价格战的影响,让他们更有信心地销售迪世通,以获得更可观的利润。 当原材料和轮胎价格上涨时,Cooperteams Distribution会给予代理商更多优惠券或折扣,创造一个双赢的局面。





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