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The Proxes TR1 is the latest version of the sporty ultra performance tyre series designed to fascinate a variety of consumers be it for track-day events or weekend cruising pleasure.

New Toyo Proxes TR1  

Toyo Tyre Sales and Marketing Malaysia recently launched its latest Proxes TR 1 car tyre for motoring enthusiasts and owners of sport sedans who seek a fun-to-drive experience. The Proxes TR1 is the latest version of the sporty ultra performance tyre series designed to fascinate a variety of consumers be it for track-day events or weekend cruising pleasure. 

The tyre is said to combine ‘unique’ edgy and functional designs, expressed through stylish and attractive asymmetric tread patterns to deliver ‘impressive’ wet performance and improved cornering stability. Merging the designs of the Proxes Sport and Proxes T1R, the Proxes TR1 has a tyre profile that looks aggressive while remaining functional. 

Its construction combines three features; a spiral-wound cap ply that supports good wet and dry handling stability; high tensile steel belts to improve handling and directional stability; and high-hardness bead fillers that improve cornering grip and stability. 

The other unique selling proposition is the use of advanced materials to create Proxes TR1, by combining Super Active Polymers and a high silica content to create a balance of better wet grip and low rolling resistance. 

Another feature is the unique ‘wear process finder’ that provides a visualisation of the wear progress. 

Tan Song Chye, President and Managing Director of Toyo Tyre Sales and Marketing Malaysia, said at the tyre’s launch in Sepang International Circuit: “I am confident the Proxes TR1 would thrill driving enthusiasts who appreciate advanced Japanese technology. The Proxes TR1 is ideal for the mid-sports segment and supports both Continental and Japanese vehicles, especially between the B-segment and E-segment vehicle class.” 

During the launch, Toyo Centre owners and authorised dealers were given the opportunity to experience the drive and ride in a BMW 3 Series and Honda Civic fitted with Proxes TR1 tyres to evaluate the tyre’s braking, handling and grip performance.

Proxes TR1, the successor to the popular Proxes T1R, is available in 24 sizes, ranging from 15 to 19 inches.




东洋轮胎销售及行销马来西亚有限公司近日推介其最新的Proxes TR1汽车轮胎,一条专为汽车活动爱好者和运动型房车车主提供驾驶乐趣的轮胎。Proxes TR1是东洋最新的运动型超高性能系列,可吸引各种各样的消费者,无论是赛道或是周末巡航活动它都能驾驭自如。 

据悉,该款轮胎结合了独特风格和功能性设计,透过时髦且吸引人的不对称花纹呈现出来,带来令人印象深刻的湿地性能和改善的转弯稳定性。Proxes TR1融合了Proxes SportProxes T1R的花纹设计,使它看起来极具侵略性的同时,又具有功能性。 


另一个独特卖点是Proxes TR1所使用的先进制造材料,它结合了超活性聚合物与高含量二氧化硅,实现湿地抓地力与低滚动阻力的平衡。 


东洋轮胎销售及行销马来西亚私人有限公司总裁兼董事经理陈泩再在该轮胎于雪邦国际赛车场的发布会上表示:我相信那些懂得欣赏日本先进技术的车迷,必然会因 Proxes TR1的面市而感到开心。Proxes TR1 非常适合 B E-Segment 的中型运动轿车,适合欧美和日本车子。 

在该发布里,东洋中心业主和授权代理都有机会亲自开着安装上Proxes TR1轮胎的宝马3系列和本田Civic,评估轮胎的制动、操控及抓地力性能。 

Proxes TR1 Proxes T1R 的继承者,共推出 24种尺寸,从1519寸。






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