Yokohama Tyres Factory-Equipped on Mercedes-AMG E-Class 53-Series

Yokohama Tyres Factory-Equipped on Mercedes-AMG E-Class 53-series
Yokohama Tyres

The Advan Sport V105 is a high-performance tyre developed by Yokohama Rubber primarily for use on high-power premium automobiles.

Mercedes-AMG on Yokohama Advan Sport V105

The Yokohama Rubber Co, Ltd announced that Mercedes-AMG had selected Yokohama's global flagship Advan Sport V105 tyres as original equipment for its new E 53 4MATIC+ (ISG installed) series, which includes sedan, station wagon, coupe and cabriolet models. Yokohama Rubber began supplying the tyres in June 2018 in two size sets — the19-inch set includes 245/40ZR19 (98Y) front tyres and 275/35ZR19 (100Y) rear tyres, and the 20-inch set includes 245/35ZR20 (95Y) front tyres and 275/30ZR20 (97Y) rear tyres. The new E-Class 53-series was launched worldwide in summer 2018 and announced in Japan in September 2018.

The Advan Sport V105 is a high-performance tyre developed by Yokohama Rubber primarily for use on high-power premium automobiles. The tyre delivers excellent driving performance combined with superior comfort and safety characteristics. The tyres being supplied to Mercedes-AMG were jointly developed and bear the automaker’s ‘MO’ mark of approval on the tyre sidewall.

Under its three-year medium-term management plan, GD2020, launched in February 2018, Yokohama Rubber has positioned the expansion of its presence in the premium tyre markets as the core goal for its consumer tyre business. One of the specific strategies for achieving that goal is the ‘premium-car tyre strategy’, which aims to increase use of Yokohama tyres as OE on premium cars in Japan and abroad by making Yokohama Rubber the tyre maker chosen by automakers around the world in recognition of its technologies and quality.


马赛地AMG E 53车系配备横滨轮胎 


横滨橡胶株式会社宣布,马赛地AMG选择了横滨全球旗舰品牌Advan Sport V105轮胎,作为其全新E 53 4MATIC+ ISG 装置)车系,包括房车、客货车、小轿车及敞篷车的原配胎。横滨从20186月开始供应该款轮胎,并推出两种规格:19 寸的配套包括245/40ZR19(98Y) 前轮轮胎和275/35ZR19(100Y)后轮轮胎和20 寸配套包括245/35ZR20(95Y)前轮轮胎和275/30ZR20(97Y)后轮轮胎。该全新E53系列车型在2018年夏季全球发布,并于20189月间在日本推出。 

Advan Sport V105是横滨橡胶针对高动力高端汽车研发的产品。该轮胎提供结合了舒适与安全性的卓越性能。这款为马赛地-AMG 供应的轮胎,由横滨与马赛地联手研发,其胎侧印有“MO” 核准标志。 

在横滨于20182月间发布的 3年中期经营计划GD2020下,横滨进一步提升了它在高端轮胎市场的存在感,作为其消费者轮胎业务的核心目标。其中一个实现该目标的独特策略就是高端汽车轮胎策略,旨在推动公司成为凭借着技术与品质被全球汽车制造商认可的轮胎制造商,推进横滨橡胶在日本和海外高端车原配胎业务。




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