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Automechanika Shanghai Reveals Future Roadmap at 15th Edition Celebration

Automechanika Shanghai Roadmap

Each year, Automechanika Shanghai explores different trends and encourages more participation from players across all corners of the industry.

Automechanika Shanghai Pull in Highly Influential Industry Players

Promotional activities rev up ahead of Automechanika Shanghai’s 15th edition with celebrations at the Bellagio Shanghai on 2nd September. More than 180 industry leaders, organisers, long-time supporters, partners and media came together to reflect on the show’s history and place in the market. The event also laid out the show’s future roadmap under the backdrop of development across the entire automotive industry in China and abroad.

Fiona Chiew, Deputy General Manager, Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd, said: “Deemed as one of the prime automotive fairs in Asia, Automechanika Shanghai could pull in highly influential industry players from around the world. Throughout the years, the growing platform has moved beyond just a traditional trade fair as it looks to a more dynamic future, embracing the automotive ecosystem in every way. As such, the footprint of its roadmap could be felt across the show.”

Sustainability is seen as one of Automechanika Shanghai’s fundamental objectives. Each year, the show explores different trends and encourages more participation from players across all corners of the industry. Activities around the fairground support trade, network expansion and business development as the show grows into a focal meeting point for the industry. As a result, companies are said to be proactively choosing this event as part of their strategic development plans.

Going forward, participants could reap the benefits of more vertical and horizontal integration from across the entire supply chain. It would continue to highlight many future tools and technologies that are changing the automotive landscape. It also aims to incorporate more participation from finance and investment, start-ups, research institutes, talent acquisition and development. As such, this pull factor is expected to facilitate many important international events, cooperation meetings, product launches and more amongst companies, organisations and policymakers.

Elsewhere, organisers endeavour to maintain the social and environmental integrity of the show by vigorously supporting and responding to local eco-friendly policies. Under the Green Trade Fair Initiative, building or construction materials and other matter that the organisers use should now be recyclable or reusable.

This year, the Tomorrow’s Service & Mobility sector embraces the automotive ecosystem concept and environmental protection. It supports the industry’s shift towards more digitalisation, connectivity, alternative drives, autonomous driving, road infrastructure and new mobility services as well as new energy vehicles that bring China’s ambitious green goals to life. Hitachi Chemical would exhibit its low VOC insulation for new energy vehicles while APG is featuring new 5G autonomous driving technology.

Customising is also set to become a thriving area as it is singled out as an independent sector. This reflects the market’s growth potential and underscores its future importance in the sector. For instance, new local policies such as the Implementation Plan for Improving the Mechanism of Promoting Consumption Systems (2018-2020) aims to stimulate the consumption of car racing, tourism, culture and customisation by eliminating many of their barriers.

Exhibitors such as Yakima and Winbo would launch many of their lightweight racing seats, motor oils for racing, high performance window films and heat-resistant brake pads, along with other exterior and interior products at the fair. In fact, exhibitors in every sector, including Parts & Components, Electronics & Systems, Accessories, Repair & Maintenance and Reifen (Tyres & Wheels) are responding to industry updates as they work to improve safety, fuel efficiency, environmental protection, electronics and devices as well as driver comfort.

Returning exhibitors include Aisin, Blue-Point, Bosch, Brembo, Carzone, Continental Automotive, ContiTech, Delphi, Denso, Euro Repar, Fawer, Launch, Magneti Marelli, Maxima, Motul, Saic Motor, Valeo, Walker and Wanan. New exhibitors include Bangbang, Catarc, Celette, CSIC, Double Coin, Huasheng, Knorr-Bremse, Sinopec Lubricant and Sunfull.

Visitors could learn about some of the evolving business models while supply chain and chain store operators, independent aftermarket players, e-commerce platforms as well as insurance and finance providers would make their presence known in the Supply Chain & Chain Store zone.

Away from the show floor, more than 50 fringe events are expected to reveal the latest industry updates. Some highly anticipated events are the International Bodyshop Industry Symposium (IBIS) China 2019, Body & Paint World Championships, Connected Mobility Conference, Tomorrow’s Service & Mobility Summit and China International Tyre Industry Conference.

Cheng Yongshun, Vice President of China National Machinery Industry International, the show’s co-organiser, noted: “At the same time that Automechanika Shanghai was founded, China’s automotive industry also entered a period of rapid development. Industry transformation began from scratch to become stronger as time progressed; in the past two years, the industry experienced further transformation and continued to grow steadily. The development prospects as a whole are exceeding expectations. Thus, the exhibition would see more internationalisation and specialisation.”

During this edition from 3rd–6th December, Automechanika Shanghai would feature more than 6,300 exhibitors. With the addition of Hall 2.2, the exhibition would span across 360,000 sq m at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai).

第十五届Automechanika Shanghai全面布局未来发展蓝图

第十五届 Automechanika Shanghai宣传启动会已于2019年9月2日上海苏宁宝丽嘉酒店隆重举行,逾180位行业协会、长期合作伙伴们及媒体人士欢聚一堂,共同回顾展会的发展历程。在中国乃至全球汽车行业极速转型发展的大背景下,主办单位和与会嘉宾畅谈了Automechanika Shanghai的行业定位和展会发展方向并表示将继续耕耘不辍盎然前行。

法兰克福展览(香港)有限公司副总经理周劭阑在活动中表示:“Automechanika Shanghai作为亚洲领先的汽车行业展览会,一直吸引了众多全球汽车行业相关企业、组织及从业者共同参与。展会历经多年磨砺和开拓,这个不断发展壮大的平台早已突破了传统贸易展会的框架,着眼于一个充满无限活力的未来,以共融之力全面拥抱汽车生态系统。”

可持续性是Automechanika Shanghai的基本发展目标之一。展会致力于不断探索多元化趋势,鼓励更多产业链人士倾力参与,多年来已发展为集信息交流、行业推广、商贸服务和产业教育一体的行业服务平台。有鉴于此,众多企业纷纷将Automechanika Shanghai纳为公司战略发展计划的重要组成部分,希望借此开拓全球市场商机。

Automechanika Shanghai的参与者受益于展会在整个汽车供应链的覆盖效果。展会除将继续聚焦汽车行业未来格局的创新工具和技术外,也将大力推进与诸如汽车金融投资、初创企业、科研机构、人力资源及人材培训等广泛领域的交流合作与融合。而展会在行业中产生的拉动作用,势必进一步吸引更多国际性活动、合作会议以及产品发布在展会平台举行,还能让企业、组织机构、汽车服务业及后市场决策者更积极深入地了解行业的发展。




海内外知名改装品牌Yakima 和Winbo等众多参展企业将携轻量化赛车座椅、赛车用机油、高性能车窗膜、耐热制动片以及其他汽车内外饰产品齐齐亮相展会,实现业务拓展目标。 观众亦可在供应链及终端服务连锁专区了解到汽车售后服务领域内众多新兴商业模式,该专区将汇聚连锁品牌和终端门店、独立汽车后市场运营商、电商平台以及金融保险服务供应商等。

其他包括汽车零部件、电子及系统、汽车用品、汽车维修及保养和 Reifen(轮胎轮毂)在内的各大展品板块参展商都积极顺应行业发展趋势,致力于改善和提高驾乘安全、燃油效率、环境保护、电子化和驾驶舒适度。



中国机械国际合作股份有限公司副总经理程永顺表示:“十多年前,Automechanika Shanghai创立之时,中国汽车产业和汽车市场正进入了高速发展时期,汽车行业实现了从无到有、从弱到强、从小众到大众的蜕变。行业经过最近两年的调整后,汽车行业依然会保持稳定增长,全行业的发展前景更值得期待,以国际化、专业化为目标的展会必将发挥更大的作用。”

第15届上海国际汽车零配件、维修检测诊断设备及服务用品展览会 (Automechanika Shanghai) 将于2019年12月3至6日在国家会展中心(上海)举行。随着2.2号馆的扩容,本届展会整体展示面积达360,000平方米,预计将吸引超过6,300家参展企业。

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