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Vipal Rubber Attends Indagra 2019 Trade Show in Romania

Vipal Rubber Indagra Trade Show

At Tech Atol’s booth, Vipal Rubber’s full line of agricultural products was exhibited with high performance products and repairing materials.

Vipal Rubber & Tech Atol Make Their Presence Known in Romanian Agriculture Industry

Being there for its customers is one of Vipal Rubber’s priorities anywhere in the world. This time, the world’s independent leading manufacturer of tyre retreading products attended Indagra 2019, considered to be Romania’s largest and most important agricultural event. At the time, Vipal Rubber was represented by Diego Burchert from Vipal Europe and the company’s distributor Tech Atol, from Magurele. Organised by Romexpo with the Romanian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the trade show, in its 24th year, took place from October 30 to November 3 at the Romexpo Exhibition Centre.

At Tech Atol’s booth, Vipal Rubber’s full line of agricultural products was exhibited with high performance products and repairing materials suitable for all types of soils and crops. One of the highlights was the MA Agricultural Patches, developed especially for the sector, allowing easy application with maximum flexibility and reinforcement to the repaired tyre. Also, RAC Radial Patches and VD Bias Ply Patches, were both available in hot and cold versions, as well as RA Patches, made in aramid and therefore extremely impact-resistant while being lighter and more flexible than traditional patches, which prevents creases from appearing in the repaired region.

For Tech Atol General Manager Valentin Nitu, the opportunity to showcase Vipal Rubber’s products as well as reinforce the brand for the Romanian market was very important. “The event was a success because we had a lot of public demand and great business prospects,” he said. According to Nitu, Indagra is an opportunity for the most representative companies in the country and abroad to gather around Romanian agriculture to invest, research, and learn about the latest machinery and equipment, as well as the latest techniques and technologies.

Alongside Indagra 2019 were Indagra Food & Carnexpo 2019International Food Industry Trade Show, Expo Drink 2019Wine, Beer and Other Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages Trade Show; and Pack Show 2019 – An exhibition for the package industry.


不论客户在世界的哪一个角落,在那里为客户服务是Vipal橡胶的当务之急。这一次,这家世界领先的独立翻胎产品制造商参与2019年Indagra贸易展,罗马尼亚最大和最重要的农业活动。Vipal橡胶由欧洲Vipal的伯切特(Diego Burchert)和该公司Magurele的Tech Atol经销商代表出席。这个由罗马尼亚工商会主办的第24届Indagra贸易展于10月30日至11月3日在Romexpo展览中心盛大举行。

Tech Atol在其展位上展示Vipal橡胶的全系列农业产品,包括适合各种泥土和农作物的高性能产品和修补材料。其中一个重点产品是特别为该领域开发的MA农业補片,弹性大,使用起来非常方便,能够强化补胎。此外,还有RAC子午补片和VD 斜胶层补片冷和热补片,以及采用芳纶制成,具有高度的抗冲击能力的RA补片。该补片比传统补片更有弹性,重量 更轻,可防止轮胎修复区出现折痕。

对Tech Atol总经理倪杜(Valentin Nitu)来说 ,拥有展示Vipal橡胶产品和强化罗马尼亚市场的机会很重要。“这个活动很成功,因为有许多公众需求和巨大的商业前景。”他说。据倪杜表示,对大部分的当地和海外代表公司而言,Indagra是个商机,让他们有机会在罗马尼亚农业展聚集一起,投资、研究及学习有关该领域最先进的机械和设备,以及最新的技巧和技术。

与2019年Indagra同期的有2019年Indagra Food & Carnexpo –国际食品行业贸易展、2019年Expo Drink — 葡萄酒、啤酒及其他酒精饮品及非酒精饮料贸易展,以及2019年Pack Show – 一个包装行业的展会。

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