All New Model Vehicles Have to Pass Vehicle Type Approval Procedure Before Registering to be Marketed


All new models of motor vehicles must now go through the Vehicle Type Approval (VTA) procedure before being eligible to be marketed in the country and registered for use on the road, said the Road Transport Department (RTD), in news reported by Bernama.

Road Transport Department Confirms Implementation of VTA Procedure

The RTD confirmed that the new VTA procedure related to Section 66 of the Road Transport Act 1987. This ensures that the construction characteristics, use and specifications of the motor vehicles involved have complied with the legal stipulations.

"It is also to ensure that the method includes having a valid certification that involves compliance with the relevant mandatory standards," the RTD added.

The move echoes the move in 63 other contracting countries to the multi-lateral agreement, namely the 1958 Agreement under the framework of the World Forum Harmonisation of Vehicle Regulation. The agreement was made to create a harmonised version of vehicle technical regulations, under international experts, known as UN regulations.

As the RTD explains, the Automotive Engineering Division of RTD is the approval authority responsible for carrying out the process of evaluation, inspection and verification of technical specifications on any new model of motor vehicle.

RTD said it had placed compliance with the UN Regulations as a major benchmark under the VTA Malaysia procedure. "It is specifically to regulate safety standards and environmental protection related to a motor vehicle to keep pace with current technological developments," it explained.

"Continuous regulation of the technical specifications of these vehicles can reduce doubts and worries among consumers regarding the level of safety of a motor vehicle," the organisation concluded.

Source: Bernama

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