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Quality and Great Value with RoadX TBR Tyres

RoadX TBR Tyres

In Malaysia, RoadX commercial tyres are distributed by SJI Tyres (M) Sdn Bhd, a member of the Sailun Group.

SJI Tyres Malaysia Offers Wide Range of RoadX TBR Tyres

RoadX truck and bus radial (TBR) tyres are renowned for high quality and performance, and the range offers a wide variety including steer, drive, trailer and all-position patterns as well as tyres for demanding off-road applications.

RoadX is a commercial brand from the Qingdao-based Sailun Group that was founded in 2002 and is China’s first ‘A’ listed private tyre company. The tyres are produced in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Qingdao, China. In Malaysia, RoadX commercial tyres are distributed by SJI Tyres (M) Sdn Bhd, a member of the Sailun Group.

SJI Tyres set up its business in Masai, Johor in 2018 and its operations include customer sales support, technical training for fleet customers and a large warehouse. Its operation in Malaysia is headed by an experienced general manager and a professional sales team that could recommend the right tyre for various commercial vehicles and applications. The company has a motto of ‘We make great tyres’ as well as a sales tagline of ‘Specialise in truck and bus radial tyres’ that emphasises the company’s focus on providing tyres that provide the optimum mileage and performance.

Among the tyres available is the RoadX RH648 regional all position tyre that is optimised for steer axles. The RH648 tyre is suited for regional line haul applications, pick-up and delivery, and highway service. It has a broad 5-rib tread pattern to provide precise handling and excellent stability. Wide circumferential grooves effectively channel water from the tread area and feature ‘stone ejectors’ to prevent stone drilling for a long casing life and improved retreadability.

There is also the RoadX RH621 steer position tyre for medium and long distance travel, which has a high grade tread compound to improve wear resistance. Its groove and sipe design improve grip, while the widened running surface improves pressure distribution for better traction and ground performance. The RH621 tyre also has designs at the bottom of the main grooves that improve handling and driving comfort as well as widened shoulders and a shallow groove design that effectively dissipate heat to promote even shoulder wear.

For off-road applications, RoadX has the DT991 drive position tyre. Designed for mine transportation vehicles that cover short distances at low speeds, the DT991 tyre has a cut-resistant tread formula design that improves cut and block-drop off resistance. Its high-strength belt design improves the tyre crown’s impact resistance, while the widened running surface and deepened tread offer excellent traction performance.

To improve traction, the RoadX RD781 drive position tyre for medium and long distance travel has a meticulously spaced tread block pattern. Its overall tread pattern design allows for even ground distribution pressure to offer greater handling stability, and a deepened pattern designed with greater wear and tear resistant rubber compound to enhance tyre mileage. The RD781’s open shoulder and meticulously spaced block designs improve traction and heat dissipation.

For both on and off-road use, the MS663 drive tyre has a horizontal block pattern that offers better tyre grip and traction. Its deepened tread and compound provide better wear and tear resistance while improving tyre mileage. The MS663 tyre also uses a high-strength carcass for better heavy load carrying capacity, while its arched groove bottom improves the tyre’s self-cleaning ability to reduce stone retention.

The RT785 drive tyre has a tread compound designed for high wear and heat resistance. Its deepened pattern design results in effective mileage, while the rib design reinforces block strength to promote even tread wear and reduce the occurrence of block drop-off. It also has a wide groove design for better self-cleaning performance and traction, and a wide driving surface to provide good handling performance and safety.   Sailun Group a top global brand  The Sailun Group today sells beyond 30 million tyres annually in more than 50 countries. It provides tyres for passenger and race cars, construction machinery, mining and agricultural vehicles, and light and heavy duty trucks. Despite its short history, the tyre manufacturer has made giant strides as it integrates research and development, production, sales and after-sales services. The group invests above 30 per cent of its resources in research and development, and has developed an enviable global reputation as a provider of high-quality, great value premium economy tyres.

Covering a number of applications, Sailun manufactures research-led tyre patterns for every type of day-to-day use.

In 2009, Sailun and the Qingdao University of Science and Technology were nominated to develop a National Tyre Process and Control Engineering Technology Research Centre. The centre has more than 300 technical specialists who study and resolve key technical issues in the tyre manufacturing process.

The Sailun Group’s computerised tyre production and manufacturing processes – along with management techniques and network control systems – allow it to effectively monitor quality control, resource management, marketing, administration and logistics. The group also uses advanced information technology to help track the data of each tyre produced and benchmark the Sailun tyre quality against leading international standards for quality and design.

Sailun is accredited internationally and certified to meet the most stringent quality standards and the highest level of quality assurance. It has received the Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) Seal of Approval for its Sailun Atrezzo and Ice Blazer tyre line-ups. PTPA is North America’s largest volunteer parent testing community, involving more than 50,000 parents. The PTPA Winner’s Seal is evidence of a product’s excellence, due to evaluation by unbiased parent testers.

Meanwhile, the group achieved ISO9001 and TS16949 certification for management and ISO14001 certification for environmental management, occupational health and safety systems. Also, the Sailun Group’s products are approved by DOT, ECE, GCC, The Smartway Program, INMETRO, SIRIM and SONCAP.

RoadX 卡客车子午胎提供品质和价值


RoadX是青岛赛轮集团的商业品牌。该公司成立于2002年,是中国第一家A股上市的私人轮胎公司。轮胎是在越南胡志明市和中国青岛所生产。大马RoadX商用轮胎是由赛轮集团成员SJI 轮胎(马)私人有限公司所经销。


在众多轮胎当中包括RoadX RH648区域性全轮位轮胎,是一款优化的转向轴轮胎。 RH648轮胎适用于区域运输、提货与送货,以及高速公路服务。它具有五条宽阔的肋纹,操作精确和拥有出色的稳定性。较宽的周向沟槽能有效地疏导来自胎面区域的水,并且具有“排石器”设计,防止轮胎被石子刺穿,从而延长胎体寿命,提高轮胎的可翻新性。

RoadX RH621转向轴轮胎适用于中长途,采用高级的胎面复合胶,能够提高耐磨性。它的沟槽和刀槽花纹设计则提高了抓地力,而其加宽的运行表面则改善压力分布,从而获得更良好的牵引力和地面性能。 RH621轮胎的主要沟槽设计,也可以提高操控性和驾驶舒适性,加宽的肩部和浅沟槽设计能够有效地散热。

至于越野方面,RoadX配备了DT991驱动轴轮胎。 DT991轮胎专为短距离的低速行驶,以及矿用运输车而设计。它采用防切割配方的胎面设计,可提高抗切割和掉落。其高强度的环带设计,提高轮胎胎冠的抗冲击性,而加宽的运行表面和加深的花纹则可提供出色的牵引性能。

RoadX RD781驱动轴轮胎适用于中长距离,它具有精细间隔的胎面花纹,有助于改善牵引力。整体胎面花纹设计允许更均匀的地面压力分配,提供更大的操纵稳定性,加深的花纹设计,更优质的抗磨损和抗撕裂橡胶化合物能增加轮胎行驶里程数。 RD781的开放式胎肩和精心设计的间隔花纹块,则可以改善牵引力和散热性能。

对于公路和越野使用功能,MS663驱动轴轮胎具有横向块状花纹,可提供更良好的轮胎抓地力和牵引力。其加深的胎面和复合胶料配方提供更好的耐磨性和抗撕裂性,同时提高轮胎行驶里程数。 MS663轮胎的高强度胎体,拥有更好的重载能力,而其拱形沟槽底部提高轮胎的自洁能力,从而减少石子卡在轮胎里。






赛轮集团轮胎电脑化的生产和制造流程、管理技术、网络控制系统 ,让它能有效地监控品质、资源管理、营销、行政管理和物流。该集团也使用先进的信息技术来帮助追踪所生产的每条轮胎的数据,并且将赛伦轮胎的质量和设计与领先国际标准进行比对。

赛轮集团在国际上获得认可并且通过多项认证,符合最严格的质量标准,拥有最高水平的品质保证。它的赛轮Atrezzo和Ice Blazer轮胎已获得美国PTPA协会认证。 PTPA是北美最大的志愿家长测试社区,涵盖5万多名家长。由中立的父母充当测试人员评估产品,PTPA Winner’s Seal证明了产品的卓越性。

同时,该集团也通过了ISO9001和TS16949管理认证和ISO14001环境管理、职场健康和安全系统认证。此外,赛轮集团的产品也获得DOT、ECE、GCC、The Smartway Program、 INMETRO、SIRIM 和 SONCAP的认可。

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