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Michelin Malaysia Joins Petron on its Road Safety Programme at Universities

Michelin Malaysia Petron

Michelin and Petron imparted road safety advocacy in universities around Malaysia.

Michelin and Petron Educate Students on Road Safety

Michelin joined Petron in its effort to communicate and impart road safety advocacy in universities around Malaysia. The objective of the Road Safety Programme for Michelin is to educate and create awareness among the younger generation. As tyres are the first line of defence on the road, it is very important to ensure that these tyres are in good condition for better road safety.

Other partners for this programme include the Road Transport Department (JPJ), Road Safety Department Malaysia (JKJR) and other private companies.

Michelin has always been a strong advocate of safety – we place the utmost priority in ensuring our tyres are the safest on the road, in all conditions. The team is very pleased to be a part of this programme as it is in line with our own road safety campaign,” shared  shared Nora Guitet, Public Affairs & Corporate Communication Director (Michelin – Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam).

She added: “Being at UMP and UNISZA recently gave us a first-hand opportunity at raising awareness that tyres are an essential part of road safety. Our aim during this programme is to educate students on tyre care and maintenance to ensure they know the steps and precautions to take to be safe on the road.”

Michelin and Petron, together with other partners, successfully completed the Road Safety Programme in Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP), Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin Terengganu (UNISZA) and Universiti Selangor (UNISEL). The programme would continue at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UITM) Seremban, Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) Selangor and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Skudai Johor from October through December.





“米其林一直强烈倡导安全,因此确保我们的轮胎在任何状况中都是最安全的,为我们来说是重中之重。我们的团队非常开心能够参与这项醒觉运动,因为它与我们自己主办的道路安全运动一致。”米其林公共事务及企业通信总监(米其林-印尼、马来西亚、新加坡及汶莱)吉泰(Nora Guitet)表示。

她补充说:“彭亨大学(UMP) 和苏丹再纳阿比丁大学(UNISZA)为我们提供了一个提升年轻的一代轮胎意识的机会,让他们了解到轮胎也是道路安全重要的一部分。这个 醒觉运动的目的是教育学生如何保养轮胎,并确保他们知道如何采取道路安全措施。”

目前为止,米其林和Petron,以及其他伙伴,已成功在彭亨大学 、苏丹再纳阿比丁大学及雪兰莪大学(UNISEL)举办此道路醒觉活动 。接下来,该项活动将继续从10月至12月分别在芙蓉MARA技术大学、雪兰莪的国能大学(UNITEN)及柔佛士古来的马来西亚工艺大学(UTM)进行。

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