Wanli Tyres Making Inroads into Malaysian Truck Market

Ong Brothers Marketing & Wanli Tyres

"The choice of bringing in Wanli TBR tyres wasn’t accidental, but instead was supported by facts,” said Ong Brothers Marketing Sdn Bhd Director Steven Ong.

Ong Brothers Marketing Introduces Wanli TBR Tyres 

Wanli Tire has successfully made its name known in the global market, including Malaysia, with its quality products and aggressive international expansion plan.

 “Wanli is a premium Chinese tyre brand, its truck and bus radial (TBR) tyres are manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies, high quality material and the latest equipment with stringent quality control.  The choice of bringing in Wanli TBR tyres wasn’t accidental, but instead was supported by facts,” said Ong Brothers Marketing Sdn Bhd Director Steven Ong.

Based on the 2019 Global Tyre Manufacturer Ranking released by the Tire Business, he added, Wanli Tire ranked no. 50 on the list. Hefei Wanli Tire Co; Ltd., he said is a joint venture established by Wanli Tire under the Guangzhou Industrial Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. (GIIHG) and Hefei JAC Automobile Co., Ltd. GIIHG is a joint reorganisation of the former Guangzhou Steel Group and Wanli Group. It has more than 200 affiliated companies with more than 30,000 employees.

Hefei Wanli was established in March 2015 at Anhui, Hefei, and was officially put into production in November 2016 with an annual production capacity of 2 million green TBR tyres. It was the first company in the Chinese tyre industry that utilises fully automated intelligent production systems from raw materials to finished products.”

High Mileage Quality Tyres

After 30 years of development, he continued, Wanli Tire is now well-known for its high mileage and good quality. The company has passed the IATF16949 and ISO9001 quality management systems, measurement management system, integration management system and many other system certifications, also obtained, including the CCC (China), DOT (United States), ECE (European Union), GCC (Gulf), INMETRO (Brazil) certifications, amongst others. In addition, Hefei Wanli is also Original Equipment (OE) tyre supplier for JAC, Hino, Nanjing Jinlong, CRRC Zhuzhou and Bombardier.

“It is also worth mentioning that Hefei Wanli has more than 50 independent patents in China as well as abroad, and has won titles, including the ‘Anhui Intelligent Factory’, ‘Anhui Green Factory’, ‘Anhui Enterprise Technology Centre’, ‘National High-tech Enterprise’, ‘National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Manufacturing and Internet Integration Development Pilot Demonstration Projects, as well as others,” he added.  

Currently, he pointed out that Wanli TBR tyres are sold in 31 provinces in China and exported to more than 60 countries in the world, including the USA, Australia, Southeast Asia and Middle East, just to name a few. This, he said, has proven that Wanli products are well acceptable and widely used.

Sungai Petani based Ong Brothers Marketing became the sole distributor for the Wanli brand of TBR tyres in 2019, covering the whole Malaysian market. Ong revealed that it was not easy when they first started selling the brand. “Although we had tried the products ourselves before introducing them to the market, it took us a lot of effort and persuasion to get our customers to try the tyres. As I have mentioned earlier Wanli is a premium Chinese brand and the price difference between the brand and the major brands is not that significant.”

Ong’s effort paid off when the company received many favourable opinions from their fleet customers. Their positive evaluations for Wanli truck tyres have led to word-of-mouth recommendations, which has translated into the growth of product sales.

Ten Patterns to Choose

“They are satisfied with the high mileage which is comparable with the major brands. For Wanli’s truck tyre, which has a large tread block and deeper tyre grooves design, it can easily last 100, 000 km. Of course, it also depends on application and road condition.  In addition, Wanli truck tyres are retreadable due to its sound casing, which is a major indicator of truck tyre quality.”

Ong Brothers Marketing has brought in 10 TBR patterns, including the Wanli patterns SFR628, SDR800, STR658 and SAHO1. He said, the Wanli SFE628 is the latest addition to the series. It is a steering wheel tyre, which he pointed out has excellent operation stability and safety, as well as improved wear resistance that contributes to higher mileage. Suitable for medium to long haul usage is the SDR800 drive tyre, which features a patented block design that reduces abnormal wear and increases mileage performance, making it safer, durable and anti-aquaplaning.

Also for medium to long haul application is the STR658, a trailer tyre. He said, this tyre has four straight grooves that ensure good high-speed steering and water drainage performance with increased safety. The tyre has been praised for its high mileage, thanks to its wide and deep tread design, ultra-wear resistance and balanced distribution ground contact pressure. With its anti-stone trapping groove bottom design that provides better resistance against damages due to stones lodged within the tread blocked that lead to punctures.

Last but not least is the SAH01 all-position long haul tyre, which he said offers excellent safety, driving stability, high grip, and wear resistance. A special formulation compound with high heat dissipation and low rolling resistance is used to reduce heat build-up for longer tyre lifespan and improved mileage and fuel efficiency. Other features, he added, include its specially designed longitudinal pattern to avoid side skid, which delivers responsive handling and steering performance, as well as water drainage in rainy days. Thanks to its multi sipes design in the centre of the tyre tread this significantly reduce the irregular wear of the crown area and improve the tyre’s grip performance.

“We are targeting the above tyres for logistics and haulage industry. Tyres are a fleet’s second largest costs after fuel, and our main reason for bringing in Wanli TBR tyres is to give the fleet companies another option, helping them to save on their operating costs and increase their profit margin.”

Although Ong Brothers Marketing don’t have their own retreading facility, he said, they work with reputable retreaders to help their customers to maximise their tyre life.

“We are looking for the right dealers across the country to partner with us to grow the Wanli brand,” he added.  





“万力是高端中国轮胎品牌,其卡客车子午胎是采用先进的技术,高质量的原材料与最先进的设备,以及在严格的品质控制下生产而成。将万力卡客车子午胎引进马来西亚并非意外,而是有事实作为依据。”Ong Brothers Marketing私人有限公司董事王晨洋表示。

他补充,在美国《轮胎商业》(Tire Business)发布的2019年世界轮胎企业排行榜中,万力轮胎名列第50。他说,合肥万力轮胎有限公司是由广州工业投资股份集团有限公司(GIIHG)旗下的万力轮胎股份有限公司与合肥江淮有限公司合资建立。广州工控由原广钢集团和万力集团联合重组而成,旗下企业有两百余家,员工总数3万余人。



万力轮胎经过30年的发展,他续说,如今已经因其高里程数和质量而声名大噪。该公司已经通过IATF16949ISO9001质量管理体系、测量管理体系、两化融合管理体系等诸多体系认证,以及CCC(中国)、DOT(美国)、ECE(欧盟)、GCC(海湾)、INMETRO (巴西)等主要认证。此外,合肥万力与江淮汽车、广汽日野、南京金龙、株洲中车、庞巴迪等知名企业进行了配套。

“更值得一提的是合肥万力拥有中国国内外自主专利50余件,并先后获得‘安徽智能工厂’、‘安徽省企业技术中心’、‘国家高新技术企业’、‘国家工信部制造业与互联网融合发展试点示范项目’ 等荣誉称号。”


位于双溪大年的Ong Brothers Marketing2019年成为万力卡客车子午胎品牌马来西亚独家经销商。王晨洋透露说,刚开始售卖该品牌时很不容易。“虽然在推出市场前我们已经试用过这个产品,但我们经过了许多努力才得以说服客户试用这些轮胎。再加上万力是中国高端品牌,它与主要轮胎品牌之间的价格差异不大。”




Ong Brothers Marketing引进了10种万力卡客车子午胎款型,包括万力SFR628SDR800STR658  SAHO1轮胎。他说,万力SFR628是最新的系列。它是一条用于卡车转向轴的轮胎,拥有卓越的操作稳定性和安全性,并具有改善的抗磨耗能力,带来较高的里程数。SDR800则是一款适合中长途驱动轮使用的轮胎,专利的花纹块设计可抗异常磨损,让轮胎的行驶里程更长,更加安全、耐磨及抗打滑。




虽然Ong Brothers Marketing没有他们自己的翻胎厂,但他表示该公司与富有声誉的翻胎公司合作,协助客户最大化提高轮胎的使用寿命。


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