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Interview: Leandro Rigon – Vipal Rubber

Leandro Rigon Vipal Rubber

The Tyreman talked to Vipal International Business Director Leandro Rigon about the company’s current position in SEA and their plans for the future.

Vipal Rubber Reveals Future Plans for SEA

Vipal Rubber, the Brazil-based manufacturer of tread rubber and tyre repair materials, has been active in the Malaysian market for over 25 years. Over that time, the company has expanded almost beyond recognition to become one of the world’s leading suppliers of rubber for the retreading sector as well as leading international supplier of repair materials. We recently had the opportunity to talk to International Business Director Leandro Rigon about the company’s current position in South-East Asia and their plans for the future.

Vipal has a long history of activity in the Malaysian market. What can you tell us about your distribution arrangements in the Malaysian market?

Our customer, Simon Trading Co., has been involved with the distribution of consumables for the tyre retreading industry in Malaysia since 1983. In its beginning, the company started importing tyre repair products from USA and Europe, however Malaysia has always been a competitive market and more options were needed. The founder, Han Kai Teng, started to visit international trade shows and during a visit to an exhibition in USA in the early 90’s met Vipal representatives. In 1995 the first Vipal tyre repair products arrived in Malaysia, and Simon Trading has been uninterruptedly supplying the market since then, which is proof of our consistent high quality.

Malaysia has a number of local tread rubber suppliers already. What can Vipal offer Malaysian retreaders and what are your plans to develop this market?

Vipal Rubber has a complete solution in repairs for all types of tyres and tubes, such as patches, valve reinforcements, and others. In Malaysia, in particular, the products available are repairs and accessories for vulcanisation such as envelopes, curing tubes, flaps, innerlopes, and wicking pads. All these products are renowned for their high performance and have been very well accepted in such a competitive market as the Malaysian market, as well as in other demanding markets around the world, such as Europe……

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采访:Vipal橡胶莱安德罗·里贡(Leandro Rigon)

巴西胎面橡胶和轮胎修补材料制造商Vipal橡胶,在马来西亚市场活跃超过 25 年。就在那段时间里,该公司的扩张超出人们的想像,成为世界领先的翻新业橡胶供应商和国际维修材料供应商之一。我们近期有机会与Vipal国际业务总监莱安德罗·里贡(Leandro Rigon) 谈论该公司目前在东南亚的地位和他们的未来计划。


我们的客户 Simon贸易公司自1983年起,就在马来西亚从事轮胎翻新业的耗材分销。 该公司一开始从美国和欧洲进口轮胎维修产品,但马来西亚一直是个竞争激烈,需要更多选择的市场。创始人Han Kai Teng开始参观国际贸易展会,并在90年代初参观美国展览会期间遇到了Vipal的代表。 1995 年,第一批 Vipal 轮胎维修产品抵达马来西亚,自此Simon贸易就不间断地为市场供应Vipal产品,这也证明了我们始终如一的高品质。

马来西亚已经有许多本地的胎面橡胶供应商。 Vipal 能为马来西亚翻新业者提供些什么?您对这个市场有什么样的开发计划

Vipal橡胶为所有类型的轮胎和内胎提供完整的修复解决方案,例如补片、气阀加强件等。我们为马来西亚供应硫化用的维修和配件如包封套、硫化内胎、衬带、内衬和吸湿垫(wicking pads)等。这些因其高性能而闻名的产品,广为竞争激烈的马来西亚市场和世界其他要求苛刻的市场(如欧洲)所接受……


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