Magna MA01+ Fitted to Caterpillar Loader in Australia


Magna Tyres has recently fitted Magna MA01+ tyres for Caterpillar 740 trucks in Australia. The Magna Tyres Group added in a press release that it recently rekindled its relationship with this family-owned business, adding that they look forward to building a closer, more solid relationship through its products and services.

Magna MA01+ Tyres Suitable for Mining and Contractor Work

The MA01+ tyres work across different ranges, from excess heat to  sandpits tasks, due in part to the tyre's extra-deep grooves, which make for good self-cleaning capabilities. With a deep tread depth, the tyre has heightened wear qualities. The heat–resistant rubber compound also improves productivity and reduces operating costs, making the multipurpose tyres a great fit for Australia and Caterpillar wheel loaders.

With a wide flat footprint and reinforced sidewall, the tyres have stability and strong flotation functionality, coupled with taut traction for off-road applications. These qualities are essential for the tough terrains involved in the mining, contractor and wet and dry market segments.

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