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New Pirelli Scorpion Improves Performance

Pirelli Scorpion

Pirelli’s Scorpion range dedicated to SUVs is now safer, more comfortable, and with better performance. 

Pirelli’s Scorpion Certified by World’s Principal Carmakers

The entire line-up recently renewed in summer, winter and all season versions has recorded an improved score in all the performance parameters reported by the European tyre label. In particular, there’s an excellent wet performance rating shared by the Scorpion Summer tyre, Scorpion Winter 2 and Scorpion All Season SF2, the three heirs to the original Scorpion that was first launched in 1986 for off-road vehicles. This tyre has continued its evolution right up to the present day to adapt to the increasingly sophisticated needs of modern SUVs.

The excellent wet grip score for all three members of the family particularly stands out, all sizes now fall into classes A or B, the top scores on the European label. Of these, more than 80 per cent fall into class A. More than 60 per cent of the Scorpion range is in class A or B for rolling resistance, a measure of efficiency essential to protecting the environment as well as a major contributor to range for electric vehicles. The current tyre range is already very close to the target of having 70 per cent of all products in classes A and B for rolling resistance that Pirelli has set for 2025. The Scorpion summer and Scorpion All Season SF2 already have 100 per cent of the range classified in class A or B for rolling resistance. There are some top scores as well when it comes to noise all three variants have 100 per cent of their tyres in class A or B of this category.

The recent revamp of the Scorpion range is designed to respond to an expanding segment, which forecasts a steady increase in global SUV sales over the next few years. These cars are characterised by a heavy kerb weight and a high centre of gravity, delivering a particular set of driving dynamics that require dedicated tyres, suitable for the latest standards of contemporary and future mobility. In addition to hitting higher targets of comfort, safety and performance, some sizes in the Scorpion family are now optimised for use with electrified SUVs. Around 30 per cent of the range is equipped with Elect technology, a solution specially developed for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. A fact that makes Scorpion the Pirelli product range with the highest number of homologations for ‘green’ cars.

Together with Seal Inside, Run Flat, and PNCS, Elect is one of Pirelli’s specialities that characterise the most modern tyres in the range. Over a third of Scorpion tyres in the new summer, winter and all season versions feature these technologies, allowing comfortable and silent journeys with the optional PNCS. The three latest arrivals in the Scorpion range have been created according to a process that Pirelli calls “Eco-Safety Design“. This unique approach uses innovative materials and tools, including virtual models from motorsport, to achieve ultimate performance in terms of sustainability and safety. With “Eco-Safety Design“, Pirelli’s tyres are able to guarantee reliable braking and grip both on dry and wet surfaces, benefitting safety, but also delivering performance that limits environmental impact, to better fuel consumption, reduced noise, and a longer tyre life.

To achieve these impressive results, the range has been substantially redesigned, following research and development that has optimised the composition of the compounds, enhanced the three different tread patterns, and reinforced the structure, which is equipped with new materials. This update across the range has allowed Pirelli to obtain the coveted TÜV SÜD Performance Mark for the Scorpion.

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