Auto Bild Readers Vote for Continental as the “Best Brand” in all Tyre Categories


Continental brand on the Auto Bild's Winners' Podium in  “Quality,” “Price / Performance” and “Sporty” categories.

Continental on Auto Bild's Winners’ Podium 

56,000 readers of the German car magazine “Auto Bild” took part in the image study, “The best brands in all classes,” and voted Continental into first place three times among tyre manufacturers (Auto Bild 16/22). These votes put the German brand on the winners’ podium in the “Quality,” “Price / Performance” and “Sporty” categories – each with a significant lead over the category runner-up.

This was the eleventh image study conducted by Auto Bild editors. It focused on service providers and vehicle manufacturer suppliers, as well as car insurance and care brands. A total of 20 segments were surveyed, and the readers took around 30 minutes to submit their marks.

“We’re delighted with our excellent results in the Auto Bild readers’ survey,” says Ralf Hoffmann, Marketing Head of the Tire Replacement Business at Continental in Germany. “This not only indicates how the readers evaluate their own experiences with our products, it also reflects our good performance in the editorial team’s summer and winter tyre tests. For Continental, this also means stringently pursuing our path to high-quality, safe and sustainable tyres.”



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