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Linglong Appeared at The Tire Cologne 2022

Linglong Tire Cologne 2022

Linglong Tire once again participated in The Tire Cologne 2022 that was held in Germany from 24-26 May 2022. 

Linglong Tire Exhibits at The Tire Cologne 2022

Linglong has been preparing for The Tire Cologne since August, 2021. The company demonstrated its new product, new technology and new factory at Tire Cologne 2022Linglong’s new products consists of Master Series Tires, which are already available on EU market. During the main test’s preliminary round of Auto Bild Sportscars tyre test, the Linglong Sport Master, a member of Master Series Tires, delivered impressive enough wet and dry braking results, and the tyre testers of Auto Bild eagerly await its performance in the next test.

Linglong’s Master Series Tire also apply new technology. The tread patterns of Master Series utilise what Linglong calls “steady-state pressure/tension balance pattern contour design technology” as well as “blanking sipe technology.” These technologies help increase the tyres’ contact patch by three per cent compared with the previous generation of tyres. Linglong’s new Europe factory in Serbia started its construction in 2019 and it is expected to put into production in this year.

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