Yokohama Advan Apex V601 for Performance-Oriented Drivers

Yokohama Rubber

The Advan Apex V601 is Yokohama’s Ultra-high performance asymmetric tyre for drivers who understand the value of true performance upgrades.

Advan Apex V601 Boasts Extended Tread Life and Quite Ride 

Built upon the legacy of the A008, AVS Intermediate and the AVS Sport, the V601 represents the culmination of decades of performance innovation.

Designed to deliver maximum grip and precision handling in dry and wet conditions, the V601 boasts an extended tread life and a quiet ride. Yokohama has implemented a high-grade micro silica on the outside rib block of the tyre and a wide contact area resulting in a significant increase in both grip and cornering performance. Its three inside grooves enhance wet performance, while a narrow outside groove dissipates heat generated by high lateral loads for optimal dry performance.

Other features include a solid centre rib that offers an uninterrupted contact patch for high stability and precise handling. Its rounded rib profile optimises contact pressure with the road to reduce uneven tread wear, with its optimised groove angles making for minimised noise, which leads to a quieter ride....

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横滨Advan Apex V601以性能导向驾驶人为目标


横滨超高性能Advan Apex V601具有不对称胎面花纹,是一款专为了解真正性能升级价值的驾驶人而设计的轮胎。以横滨最具历史重要性的A008、AVS Intermediate和 AVS Sport为研发基础的V601,是横滨数十年性能创新巅峰之作的代表。





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