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Michelin Pilot Sport 5 Offers Unique Combination of Sporting Performance, Longevity and Aesthetics

Michelin Pilot Sport 5

The new Michelin Pilot Sport 5 is said to enable drivers to get the most from their driving moment. 

Michelin Pilot Sport 5 Now Available in Malaysia

Michelin recently introduced the Michelin Pilot Sport 5 – the fifth generation of the high-performance Pilot Sport range – to target sports car and high-performance sedan enthusiasts.

Equipped with a range of sophisticated features, the new tyre is said to enable drivers to get the most from their driving experience over a greater distance, while traveling in style and ‘living each driving moment to the fullest’.

Michelin Malaysia Managing Director Oliver Biggart said: “With the Pilot Sport 5, Michelin further strengthens our complete and best overall high-performance Pilot Sport range, with ‘Performance Made to Last’ being our key differentiator. Inspired by motor sports, the tyre is perfect for drivers who demand sporty driving performance and expect nothing but the best. What’s more, the Pilot Sport 5 goes one step further in aesthetics as evidenced by its 2021 Contemporary Good Design Award – one of the world’s most prestigious international design award.”

Key benefits of the Pilot Sport 5 include the Dual Sport Tread Design Technology that Michelin says provides long-lasting tyre grip and braking on wet and dry surfaces. Featuring a dual side functionalised tread design, inspired by the tyre-maker’s motor sport experience, its inner side with large grooves and high void ratio enhance wet road traction, while the outer side with rigid blocks offer better grip on dry road. Additionally, with the Groove Clear design, the large longitudinal grooves move water into wide transversal channels, efficiently diverting water out of the way….

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米其林Pilot Sport 5运动性能强、耐用及美观

米其林日前推出了米其林Pilot Sport 5 — 高性能Pilot Sport系列第五代轮胎,目标客户为跑车及高性能轿车迷。


马来西亚米其林董事经理比格特(Oliver Biggart)说:“凭藉Pilot Sport 5,米其林进一步强化了我们完整、整体性能最佳的Pilot Sport系列轮胎,而关键区别就在于它那经久耐用的性能(Performance Made to Last)。这款深受赛车启发的轮胎非常适合要求运动型驾驶性能和期望获得最佳性能表现的驾驶人。更重要的是 Pilot Sport 5在美学方面更进一步,荣获全球最著名的国际设计奖之一的2021年当代优良设计奖(Contemporary Good Design Award)。”

Pilot Sport 5 的主要优势包括双运动型胎纹设计(Dual Sport Tread Design)技术,据米其林表示,该技术可提供持久的干地和湿地轮胎抓地力。源自赛车经验的双面功能化胎面花纹设计,其内侧带有大胎沟和高空隙率以增强湿路牵引力,而其外侧则配备坚固的块状花纹带来更好的湿地抓地力。此外,通过清晰胎沟(Groove Clear)设计,大纵向胎沟可将水引向宽阔的横向通道,有效排水…..。


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