Vipal Rubber Launches Innovation in Envelopes

Vipal Rubber

Constant innovation and evolution are part of Vipal Rubber's trajectory.

Vipal VOS and VOE Envelops Bring New Functionality 

That is why the company continues to seek continuous improvements in its processes and products. This is the case of the new functionality developed for Vipal envelopes.

Used in the tyre retreading process in the curing stage, the envelope is used in a curing chamber and has the function of pressing the precured tread on the tyre casing to, after being applied, generate a vacuum in the tyre and completely block the air inlet. The VOS envelopes - Vipal Outer Short (short skirt) - and VOE - Vipal Outer Extended (long skirt) - bring new functionality, presenting an individual barcode that allows the control of the number of cycles through which the piece has already passed.

The new feature is said to generate benefits for retreaders, who could control in an exact and standardised way the useful life of the envelopes, guaranteeing its expected performance. The innovation is that the code is directly linked to the envelope, remaining this way until the end of its useful life. In other words, it would not be possible to disassociate the history from the envelope's barcode. This would ensure that the number of cycles matches that unit when the code is checked before a new tyre retreading process.....

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在轮胎翻新过程中的硫化阶段,包封套用于硫化罐中,它具有将预硫化胎面胶压在胎体上的作用。包封套的应用完全堵住进气口,使轮胎内产生真空。VOS包封套 - Vipal Outer Short(短裙)- 和VOE- Vipal Outer Extended(长裙)- 带来了新的功能,提供了一个单独的条形码,可以控制包封套被使用的次数。 





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