Westlake Tyres Malaysia Sponsors ‘The Pink Stuff SODI Ladies Cup’

Westlake Malaysia

Westlake Malaysia supported a local motor sports event recently by sponsoring Westlake tyres as prizes. 

Westlake Malaysia Sponsors 24 Pieces of Westlake RP18 Tyres 

Westlake Marketing Malaysia (WMM) Sdn Bhd, the sole importer and distributor of Westlake tyres in Peninsular Malaysia, supported a local motor sports event recently by sponsoring Westlake tyres as prizes.

“We are committed not only in promoting motor sport activities but also in pushing for more diversity in motor sport events that encourage wider participation by the local motor sport community. Therefore, when we were approached by the organisers of ‘The Pink Stuff SODI Ladies Cup’, we were extremely happy to offer our support,” said Managing Director Tan Heong Thong.

The company sponsored 24 pieces of Westlake RP18 in size 195/55R15 as prizes with eight tyres to be given away for each round of winners. The competition has three rounds.......

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大马威狮轮胎赞助“The Pink Stuff SODI女士杯”



董事经理陈贤通表示:“我们不仅致力于推广赛车运动,还致力于推动赛车运动朝更多样化的方向发展,鼓励更多的本地赛车运动者参与其中。因此,当‘The Pink Stuff SODI 女士杯’的主办方找到我们时,我们非常高兴能够提供支持。” 

该公司赞助了24条尺寸为195/55R15的威狮RP18轮胎作为奖品,每轮比赛将送出8 轮胎。该比赛分成三轮.....



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