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Yokohama Tyre Sales Malaysia Launch Ceremony and Drive Experience

Yokohama Tyre Sales Malaysia

Yokohama Tyre Sales Malaysia Sdn Bhd (YTSM) hosted its official launch ceremony and drive experience recently at the Sepang International Circuit.

Yokohama Tyre Sales Malaysia Shares Business Updates and Strategies

After a two-year lockdown of varying lengths to curb the spread of Covid-19, Yokohama Tyre Sales Malaysia Sdn Bhd (YTSM) hosted its official launch ceremony and drive experience recently. Held at the Sepang International Circuit, the event was well attended by Yokohama Tyre’s Million Ringgit Club and Yokohama Club Network (YCN) dealers across Malaysia and the media.

In his welcoming speech, Akira Nakomoto, Managing Director, Yokohama Tyre Sales Malaysia, gave an official introduction of the new company. As a joint venture with YHI International Limited (YHI), the exclusive distributor of Yokohama tyres in Southeast Asia, and its subsidiary, YHI (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (YHIM), the new company is poised to bring together YHIM’s broad sales network and strong record in the local market with Yokohama’s global marketing strategies and extensive tyre brand line-up to further expand Yokohama’s local market share while establishing a foundation for further growth in the growing Malaysian market.

“The synergy allows Yokohama to add the Group resources to an established organisation that would contribute to the improvement in operation and new ideas for business expansion, including the start of local Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) fitment, increasing imported OEM fitment and consulting the Yokohama Group to develop a locally fit product. Besides that, our improvement in supply from tyre sources would lead to better delivery to our customers…..”

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YSTM董事经理 Akira Nakomoto 在其欢迎辞中,正式向与会者介绍横滨在大马的新公司。作为横滨轮胎东南亚独家经销商–友发国际有限公司(YHI International Limited)及其子公司友发(马来西亚)私人有限公司(YHIM)的合资企业,该新公司将YHIM广泛的销售网络和在本地市场创下的销售业绩,与横滨的全球营销策略和丰富的轮胎品牌阵容汇集在一起。此举不仅将进一步扩大横滨在本地市场的份额,也为该公司在不断增长的大马市场奠定进一步发展的基础。

“这种协同作用使横滨能够将集团资源添加到已经确立起来的公司里,协助改善运营和带来业务扩展的新思路,包括开展本地原始配备制造商(OEM) 装配、增加进口OEM 装配和建议横滨小组开发适合本地的产品。此外,在轮胎供应方面的改善,将缩短我们的交货期。”


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