Kian Hon Introduces CST Champion Tyres for 4x4s

Kian Hon

As the official distributor of CST Tires, Kian Hon Tyres is fully committed to growing the brand in the local market.

Team CST 4x4 Malaysia Successfully Creates CST Brand Presence 

Since its establishment more than 40 years ago, Kian Hon Tyres has earned respect as a reputable supplier of high-quality tyre products and reliable service provider for all types of motor vehicles.

As the official distributor of CST Tires, Executive Director Helen Tan said Kian Hon was fully committed to growing the brand in the local market.

“To demonstrate the performance of CST 4x4 tyres and promote brand awareness, I set up a 4x4 adventure team called Team CST 4x4 Malaysia. It is managed by Team Director Gerald Kiong who guided the famous Team Maxxis 4x4 Malaysia to a record hat-trick championship title at the Rainforest Grand Finals from 2015 to 2017. Team CST 4x4 Malaysia has successfully created a CST brand presence through the CST Tires Malaysia platform among the local and foreign 4x4 community.”

She proudly announced that the good performance of the tyre at different events had reached tens of thousands of viewers from Malaysia to Europe and America, and even to remote places such as Bulgaria and Mongolia.....

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总裁陳宣鴒表示,作为 CST 轮胎的官方经销商,建丰将在本地市场全力发展CST品牌。

“为了展示 CST四驱车轮胎的性能并提升品牌知名度,我成立了一个名为 Team CST 4x4 Malaysia的四驱车探险队。它由车队总监 Gerald Kiong 管理,他曾带领著名的 Team Maxxis 4x4 Malaysia2015 年至 2017年的雨林总决赛中创下连续三次赢得冠军的记录。Team CST 4x4 Malaysia已通过马来西亚CST 轮胎平台,在本地和海外四驱车社区中成功打造了CST品牌。”




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