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Lim Tayar Family Licensing Programme Receives Good Response

Lim Tayar Family Licensing Programme

The CKL Group, which operates the chain of Lim Tayar tyre stores, has recently launched their licensing programme called Lim Tayar Family (LTF).

LTF Programme Offers New Players Proven Business Model

The forward-thinking programme has successfully caught the attention of the industry, as it aims to offer tyre retailers and car workshop owners an opportunity to upgrade their business, as well as offer new players with a proven business model and system a helping hand standing up their business.

“In the first two weeks after the soft launch, we have seen a huge volume of enquiries from all across the country from people, with and without automotive experience. They have expressed their great interest in the Lim Tayar brand. This reflects the trust and confidence of the brand that we have build up for more than 35 years,” said Joint Managing Director Clement Lim.

LTF, Lim pointed out is a licensing programme. He explained that the key difference between franchising and licensing is that licensing offers more flexibility for a licensee to conduct its business operations, while franchising is governed by the franchise act. A franchisor has strict control over every aspect of the franchisee’s business operation. This also takes away potential sales and profit opportunities that a certain location might offer and with the nature of the industry, licensing is the better option.

“Both are good business concepts in today’s challenging business environment.  With the nature of our skilled business, licensing is a more appropriate business model for us to expand into. Here we can help new players to own an automotive servicing business and the existing players in the industry to upgrade and grow profitably. Having said that, be it a franchise or license model, the biggest advantage is a quicker return on investment (ROI), which also translates to better sales and ultimately a better profit,” he added.

As to how the company has recruited the potential licensees, Lim said that the recruitment process is conducted by their internal team through a digital media platform. He explained that besides financial stability, their business is very skill base oriented so no recruitment agencies know better than them.

“Our first target audience is to appeal to current workshop owner or tyre retailer to the Lim Tayar Family. The recurring feedback that we have received from the industry is that many existing players are ready to explore the alternatives within the industry. Existing dealership models have been around for such a long time and there is no alternative for the next generation to grow their business within the industry. At the moment, if you want to grow your business, the only option is to take on another dealership that has doesn’t have as many advantages when compared to the ones you already have. We would like to work with owner-operators to help improve their customer service and elevate their business through our licensing programme.”

Apart from that, he continued that they have also been approached by skilled mechanics or technicians who wish to set up their own business by joining this program.

“Our selection process is separated into stages. Usually, it takes 2 to 4 weeks to progress to each subsequent stage. Only shortlisted applicants will be notified and booked for the next course. Converting the existing store to an LTF licensed servicing centre is faster than setting up a brand new licensee outlet so we expect 4 to 6 weeks to complete the transition.”

LTF Licensing Programme Offers a Wealth of Benefits

All LTF licensed outlets will showcase the Lim Tayar identity, from the signboard, corporate colour, staff uniform, displays and even the layout will be similar to current Lim Tayar stores, said Head of Partnership Tan Poh Hong.

“The LTF programme enables the licensees to leverage using the strong brand of Lim Tayar together with inventory support like tyres, engine oil, spare parts, batteries, and many other elements from our Group’s warehouse. Marketing support such as festive campaigns and collaboration with other vendors is also available, which has been the strength of the Lim Tayar brand. Comprehensive business operations including a point-of-sale (POS) system that has the customer’s history synchronised in all Lim Tayar outlets, a fixed price list, clear guidelines and standard operating procedure (SOP). Our sister company, School of Skills (SOS) can provide junior staffs, who have been well-trained by our team in gaining both technical and professional skills and have the right attitude to assist at our licensees’ businesses. It will also provide training to our partners to upgrade the skills of their current workforce.”

In terms of licensing fee, Tan said the cost will be around RM99,000. Estimated capital expenditure will be from RM300,000 to 600,000, subject to the store size, facility, number of bays, the brand and condition of equipment and tools, as well as other factors.   To help the licensees, he said the company has also come out with a flexible financing plan, which includes an instalment plan for the licensing fee as well.

“Our challenge is to demonstrate to the industry that Lim Tayar is the upgraded business model from the dealership model that exists today. We have been working very hard to put in place a very strong support system that involving products, Point of Sales (POS), marketing, manpower training, human resources and legal advice. All of these elements will allow licensees to have peace of mind with the back end so that they can concentrate on serving their customers. This win-win situation is what we envision a strong and sustainable partnership should look like.”

Tan revealed that though some relevant experience is a plus, those who are new to the car servicing industry are also welcome to join the company’s LTF licensing programme.

“We will continue to recruit new licensees from the Klang Valley, and the expansion to Seremban and North Johor is also in the pipeline,” he concluded.

Visit LTF landing page: http://bit.ly/LimTayarFamily2021 or email:

limtayarfamily@ckl.com.my for enquiry.

Lim Tayar Family许可计划反应良好

经营 Lim Tayar 轮胎连锁店的 CKL 集团,近期推出了名为 Lim Tayar Family (LTF) 的许可计划。这个旨在为轮胎零售商和汽车修理厂业主提供升级业务机会,并为新进业者提供成熟商业模式和系统的前瞻性计划,成功引起了业界的关注。

联席董事总经理林俊耀表示:“在试运行后的两周,我们看到来自全国各地的大量咨询。这些人当中包括了拥有汽车服务经验和没有经验的业者,他们表达了对 Lim Tayar 品牌的极大兴趣。这反映了他们对我们已经建立超过 35 年的品牌的信任和信心。”




“我们的第一个受众目标是将当前的修车厂业主或轮胎零售商吸引到 Lim Tayar Family。我们从这个行业中不断收到的反馈是,许多现有业者已准备好探索行业内的替代方案。现有的代理商模式已经存在了很长的时间,下一代业者想要在行业内发展业务却没有其他的选择。目前,如果您想发展您的业务,唯一的选择就是接受另一个代理权,而这与您已拥有的代理权相比并没有那么多优势。我们希望与业主运营商合作,通过我们的许可计划,帮助和改善他们的客户服务并提升他们的业务。”


“我们的筛选过程分成好几个阶段。每进入下一个阶段,通常需要2至4周时间。只有合格的申请者才会收到通知和预定下一个进程。将现有门店转换为 LTF 许可服务中心比建立全新的许可门店更快,因此我们预计需要4至 6 周的过渡期。”


合伙负责人陈宝煌表示,所有的LTF许可门店都将展示Lim Tayar的形象,从招牌、企业颜色、员工制服、展示甚至到布局都将与目前的Lim Tayar门店相似。

“LTF 计划让授权许可人能够运用 Lim Tayar 的强大品牌,并享有轮胎、引擎油、备件、电池和我们集团的其他库存产品支持。此外,还有营销支援,例如节日活动和与其他供应商的合作,这些都是 Lim Tayar 品牌的优势。全面的业务运营,包括具备Lim Tayar所有门店同步客户历史记录功能的销售点 (POS) 系统、固定价目表、明确的指导方针和标准操作程序(SOP)。我们的姊妹公司School of Skills (SOS)可以提供初级员工,他们都接受过我们团队的良好技术和专业技能培训,并拥有正确的态度来协助我们授权许可人的业务。 SOS还可为我们的合作伙伴提供培训,提升他们的现有员工技能。”

在许可费方面,陈宝煌表示大约为 99,000 令吉。估计的资本开支为300,000令吉至 600,000令吉,视乎店铺规模、设施、车间数量、设备和工具的品牌和状况,以及其他因素而定。他说,为了帮助被许可人,公司还推出了灵活的融资计划,其中还包括许可费的分期付款计划。

“我们面临的挑战是向业界证明 Lim Tayar 是现有代理模式升级后的商业模式。我们一直在努力建立一个非常强大的支持系统,涉及产品、销售点 (POS)、营销、人力培训、人力资源和法律建议。所有的这些元素都是为了让授权许可人对后端放心,专注地为客户服务。这种双赢的局面,正是我们所设想的强大和可持续伙伴关系应有的样子。”



访问 LTF 登陆页面http://bit.ly/LimTayarFamily2021 或电邮至

limtayarfamily@ckl.com.my 查询更多有关资料。

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