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Linglong Introduces Nova Force Acro

Linglong Nova Force Acro

The Nova Force Acro is the latest generation tyre from Leao Tire, a sub-brand of Linglong Tire, which is suitable for ultra-high-performance luxury cars.

Nova Force Acro Reduces Noise and Improves Vibration Absorption Performance

To ensure the performance of its tyre products, Linglong uses Finite Element Analysis (FEA) simulation in the early stage of its product design extensively to analyse tyres and optimise the overall tyre’s stress and strain distribution. This, the company claims could improve the durability of the new tyre.

The Nova Force Acro series is constructed using high-strength belt plies and carcasses to ensure the stability of the tyre under all road conditions. Featuring an irregular variable pitch pattern design, the new tyre effectively reduces noise and improves vibration absorption performance. With its wide straight grooves design, the bigger and deeper main grooves offer a good water drainage solution. It has good wet performance even when driving on slippery roads with high rainfall, which makes driving safer.

Meanwhile, the wet grip of this tyre meets the requirements of the Class A EU label. The asymmetrical pattern design, extra wide ground contact area and larger tread pattern of the Nova Force Acro increases the ground contact area of the tyre by 3 per cent, when compared to its previous product, offering improved grip and handling performance. With the Linglong LRS run-flat technology, the Nova Force Acro can be used as an ordinary day to day tyre. The tyre also has the resistant effects of deflation when punctured, which allows the vehicle to continue to be driven to a workshop.

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