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Liqui Moly Debuts at Automechanika Ho Chi Minh City

Liqui Moly Automechanika Ho Chi Minh City

As a strategic partner for Automechanika Ho Chi Minh City, German automotive chemicals producer Liqui Moly had a substantial presence at the show. This collaboration allowed the company to work alongside the trade fair organisers to develop its brand awareness and marketing opportunities in Vietnam. 

Liqui Moly Collaborate with Automechanika in Ho Chi Minh City

Steffen Niemietz an Application Engineer in Research & Development for Liqui Moly was at the show and gave us an insight into their presence at the show, “it’s our first time here (at Automechanika Vietnam), but we have started off on the right foot. The partnership with Automechanika seems a natural one for this show considering the growth in the motorbike and automotive businesses.”

Niemietz continued, “since it is our first time at the show, our initial concept was to give the market a taste of Liqui Moly’s offerings. The workshop context works well for us and we are happy with the response so far with the contacts that we have collected.”

Liqui Moly has one main distributor and warehouse in Ho Chi Minh City today with sub distributors from that point onwards. However, Niemietz did reveal to The Tyreman that there are plans at the end of the year to open a second warehouse in the city.

As part of this growth strategy in Vietnam, the company sees its position as an exclusive lubricant partner for Moto 2 and 3 as an important quality mark. Every team in these two race classes use of the Motorbike 4T Synth 5W-40 Race offering, which is an optimum product for high-stress, 4-stroke motorbikes and racing machines. An added benefit of the product is that it can be mixed and is compatible with commercially available engine oils.

Niemietz added, “Our position as the exclusive lubricant partner for Moto 2 and 3 is a critical benchmark for the Vietnamese market. With such a high volume of motorbikes in use, a stamp of approval like this from Moto 2 and 3 illustrates how our motorbike products have been tested under the toughest of conditions and continuously developed for every day use.”

Liqui Moly were presenting a selection of their repair and maintenance car care products. This stretched to include cleaning additives for motorbikes to avoid wear and tear, as well as additionally presenting a series of motor oils that were specially designed and adapted for Asian brands.

Niemietz explained, “we have brought a good selection of products to introduce the Liqui Moly brand to the show’s visitors, but we also keen to show off some of new products to help reduce emissions such as the Molygen New Generation portfolio of products.”

One of the key new products that was being displayed at Automechanika Ho Chi Minh City concerned Liqui Moly’s new 2K A/C System Cleaner. The product consists of a cleaning fluid that itself consists of 2 components that are mixed together for activation immediately before use.

The mixture is used to wash off dust, dirt, deposits and other breed ground for bacteria from the air conditioning systems in passenger cars, commercial vehicles and buses. As well as delivering these results the product is characterised by assuring fresh clean air, removing unpleasant smells and increasing ride comfort.



作为越南(胡志明市)国际汽配展(Automechanika Ho Chi Minh City ) 的策略性伙伴,力魔(Liqui Moly) 大规模参展。这项合作让该公司能够透过与主办当局合作,提高他们在越南的品牌知名度和营销机会。

力魔研究及开发应用工程师尼米茨(Steffen Niemietz )在会场上 告诉《轮胎世界》他们的参展的原因。“这虽然是我们第一次参加胡志明市国际汽配展,但从一开始就非常顺利。与Automechanika 合作是很自然的,因为这个展会可助力摩托车和汽车业务的增长。”


今天力魔在胡志明市拥有一个主要的经销商和仓库,以及分经销商。然而,尼米茨告诉《轮胎世界》他们计划年底在胡志明市设立第二个仓库 。

该公司认为其作为Moto 2 和3 的独家润滑油伙伴是一个重要的品质标志,也是它在越南增长业务的策略之一。这两个比赛级别的车队,高压力的四冲程摩托车和赛车 采用优化产品—Motorbike 4T Synth 5W-40 Race 润滑油。该产品的另一个好处是它可以加以混合,兼容商用引擎 油。


他补充说:“我们作为Moto 2 和 3的独家润滑油伙伴的地位,对越南市场来说是一个关键的基准。越南拥有相当高的摩托车使用量,有了 Moto 2和 3 的认可,意味着我们的摩托车产品曾经过最艰难的测试,然后继续被发展成为日常产品。”

力魔在展会中展示他们一系列的汽车修理和养护产品。此外,他们还展示了可抗磨耗的摩托车清洁添加剂 和一系列专为亚洲品牌调制的引擎油。

尼米茨解释:“我们除了为展会的观众带来了精选的产品外,也介绍了我们能够协助降低排放如Molygen New Generation 的新产品组别。 ”

该公司展示的其中一个主要的新产品是力魔全新的2K 空调系统清洁剂。该产品含有两种成分组合而成的清洁液,将它们混合起来激活后就可以马上使用。

该混合液可用来清除来自轿车、商用车及巴士空调系统的灰尘、污垢、沉积物及其他 滋生细菌的繁殖地。除了这些功能外,该产品还能维持空气的清新、去除难闻的气味,提高驾乘舒适性。


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