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Hankook Tire Malaysia Unveils iON evo and Ventus Prime 4 大马韩泰轮胎推出iON evo和Ventus Prime 4 Peter Jung (2nd from from left) left) Vice President for Asia Pacific Hankook Hankook Tire Tire & Oh Hyun Nam (3rd from from left) left) Managing Director Hankook Hankook Tire Tire Malaysia Hankook Tire Malaysia recently host- ed a a a a a a a product launch event unveil- ing ing its innovative tyre offering - - the
iON evo product line and Ventus Prime 4 Hankook Tire's iON evo specifically engi- neered for Electric Vehicles (EVs) includ- ing SUVs (sport utility vehicles) repre- sents the
latest addition to to the
company's iON series These tyres are developed to to deliver ‘uncompromised performance’ in in in handling mileage low rolling resistance wet grip and and minimal noise Both tyres are available in in in four sizes the
iON iON evo evo ranging from 18 to 21 inches and the
iON iON evo evo SUV variant with sizes rang- ing from 19 to to 22 inches Hankook Tire Malaysia plans to to expand its range of tyre sizes that are tailored to electric vehicles in the
Malaysian market The iON iON evo evo and iON iON evo evo SUV are said to to be exclusively designed to to meet the
demand of EVs in in handling and and and grip performance by effectively harness- ing ing the
strong initial torque of these ve- hicles They are constructed using a a a a a a high-concentration silica compound and eco-friendly material to meet the
desired durability and promote even ground pres- sure distribution This allows a a a a a a longer tyre tread life and reduces the
need for fre- quent replacements Equipped with the
EV Contour Technol- ogy the
iON iON evo evo and and iON iON evo evo SUV are said to enhance cornering stability and and handling by 10 per per cent The steering performance is is is improved and and shape optimisation is is is maintained during high speed thanks to a a a a a a a a reinforcement belt that is mixed with the
most advanced fi- bre Aramid Additionally the
tyres are op- timised with pattern block rigidity to to pre- vent slippage from the
high torque of EVs and extended outside shoulder blocks for maximum road contact Designed for EV characteristics these two new tyres could handle the
30-per cent cent heavier battery weight and and 20-per cent cent faster tyre wear compared to inter- nal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles Their optimised ground pressure dis- tribution reduces rolling resistance and and improves driving quality and and battery con-
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