Magna M-Rigid 27.00R49 Tyres Outperform Customer Expectations

Magna Rigid M
Magna Rigid M

In the expansive reaches of an Indian coal mine, a small fleet of Komatsu dump trucks confidently operates on 27.00R49 Magna M-Rigid tyres.

Komatsu Dump Trucks Run on Magna M-Rigid Tyres

Magna Tyres received a note from the customer reflecting on the usage so far. When selecting tyres capable of enduring the rigors of the mining industry, they turned to Magna Tyres, renowned for their enduring durability and unmatched quality.

Since the installation in 2023, according to the company, these Magna M-Rigid tyres have consistently surpassed expectations, effortlessly traversing the demanding terrain of the coal mine with remarkable resilience and efficiency.

“Our customer’s satisfaction with the product is unmistakable, evident in their trust in our tyres to withstand the most challenging conditions. Considering the overloading situation in their coal mine, we have supplied our 3-star Magna M-Rigid tyre pattern.

Looking ahead, the company’s valued customer eagerly anticipates expanding their fleet’s reliance on Magna Tyres’ products. As future replacements approach for other tyres within their operation, the customer is prepared to further entrust their fleet to Magna Tyres, a testament to the enduring trust and satisfaction fostered by its products and services.

In the realm of mining, where reliability and performance are paramount, Magna Tyres stands as a steadfast partner, providing not just tyres, but peace of mind and confidence in every journey undertaken by our customers’ fleets.


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