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Maintenance Tips for Car Owners

FMP Automotive Malaysia says it is possible to look at brake pads and identify wear and tear. 

FMP Automotive Malaysia on Brake Pad Maintenance 

As an expert in the field of automotive friction materials, marketing the popular Bendix brand of products, FMP Automotive Malaysia has shared the following tips for car owners to tell whether their brake pads are running low and are due for replacement:

Look, Listen & Feel

  • Look : Visual check

It’s possible to look at brake pads and identify wear and tear. Pads should be visible by looking through the rims of the car’s wheel – the outside pad is pressed against a metal rotor. There should be at least three millimetres of the pad visible. If you see anything less, get the brake pads inspected.

  • Listen : Loud screeching

This is the sound of the wear indicator (show wear indicator sample). When enough of the friction material is worn away, the wear indicator will contact the disc and make a squealing sound. This means it is time for new brake pads.

If you hear a grinding sound, that means the friction material is completely worn off. The grinding sound is cause by two pieces of metal rubbing against each other. This can scratch your disc rotor, creating an uneven surface. When this happen, don’t be surprised if your mechanic tells you that your disc rotor needs to be skimmed or even replaced.     

  • Look: Electronic wear sensor

This is added safety feature on mostly continental cars. When the brake pad wears and the electronic brake wear sensor makes contact with the rotor, a warning is given, usually in the form of a light on the vehicle dashboard.  

  • Feel : Vibration

If the brake pedal vibrates when you push your foot down on it, they could be warped due to heat. 

Once you have sensed any of the above mentioned signs, what’s next? Send your car to a professional mechanic for a thorough check on your brake system! Here’s what you can expect to see in the workshop, when the mechanic is checking on the braking system (brake pad, disc rotor, brake fluid)

  • Brake Pad

By visual, tools or checking at the feature on products, such as the Bendix brake wear indicator. This indicator is the latest innovation by the ‘brake expert’, Bendix. Printed on the side of the replacement Bendix brake pads, the wear indicator enables the trade to see at a glance when the brake pads are due for replacement, so simple and effective.

  • Disc Rotor

Disc rotors are disposable items and will need replacing around 150,000 km into their use depending on your driving style and the type of brake pads used. 

Replace or Skim? This depends on the rotor’s thickness and condition. Get advice from a professional mechanic.  

  • Brake Fluid

Brake fluid lives in a sealed system and can survive for years, but moisture from the surrounding air can work its way in through hoses and other parts of the brake system. If your brake fluid has become dirty or contaminated, it can change how your brake system operates — brake pedal feel can be affected, as can heat dissipation in repeated stops. Water in the brake lines lowers the boiling point of the fluid, so stopping ability can diminish in hard stops as heat in the system increases. In addition, over time, the moisture can cause internal corrosion in the brake lines, callipers, the master cylinder and other components.  

Flushing and replacing brake fluid might cost a little extra, but replacing rusted brake lines, brake callipers and other brake parts can run to several hundreds of dollars, so clearly there’s value in keeping up with maintenance. As a rule of thumb, it’s wise to have the brake fluid inspected and tested for moisture content every few years.




销售著名奔德士品牌产品的汽车摩擦材料领域专家—马来西亚 FMP汽车公司,与车主分享以下刹车片的小贴士,以判断他们的刹车片是否已经变薄,到了需要更换的时候:


     – :肉眼检查

我们能够用眼睛观察和判断刹车片是否已经摩损。从车轮轮辋看刹车片—外面的刹车片压在钢背上 。肉眼观察刹车片的厚度,至少要有 3mm左右。如果比这还少,就需要检查刹车片。


              这是摩损标识的声音(出示磨损极限标识 样本)。当摩擦材料磨损到有某个程  






   – 看:电子磨损传感器

            对大部分的欧洲车来说,这是附加的安全特点  。当刹车片磨损,电子刹车片磨



    – 感觉:震动


一旦你感觉到上述的迹象,那么接下来该做什么呢?将你的车子送到专业技师那里做一个彻底的刹车系统检查 !当技师检查刹车系统(刹车片、刹车盘及制动液)时  ,你会看到:      

                    ○ 刹车片



                       字眼,就知道刹车片是否需要更换 ,非常方便。


                     ○ 刹车盘




                    ○    制动液 

制动液存在于密封的系统中,能够生存许多年,但是周围空气中的水分可以通过软管或其他的刹车系统零部件进入。如果你的制动液已经肮脏或污染,就会改变刹车系统原来的运作 –刹车踏板的感觉会受到影响,反复停下的散热。刹车线降低液体的沸点,停止能力将会在硬停止中减弱,而系统中的热量却提高了。此外,长期下来,水分会腐蚀刹车线、卡钳、主缸及其他刹车部件的内部。







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