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Merdeka Celebration Night with Apollo Tyres and Coltrac

Merdeka Apollo Tyres Coltrac

This was the 3rd year that Apollo and Coltrac came together to celebrate Merdeka in appreciation of the strong support of Apollo Tyres’ customers.

50 Coltrac’s End Users Celebrates Merdeka with Apollo Tyres

Apollo Tyres Malaysia and Coltrac Sdn Bhd jointly hosted a Merdeka Celebration Night on 29th August, 2019 at Yes Sir Bistro & Bar, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur. This was the 3rd year that the two companies came together to host this special night in appreciation of the strong support and loyalty of Apollo Tyres’ customers.

Well attended by more than 50 Coltrac’s end users, the event was a night full of fun and togetherness, with good food and free flow of drinks. All the customers from different diversities came together to celebrate the country’s 62nd birthday.  With the Jalur Gemilang flying proudly at buildings, public places and commercial premises in the heart of Desa Sri Hartamas where the Bistro & Bar is located, it was a truly festive mood as Malaysians were warming up to the joyous day. The cozy and celebratory atmosphere of the venue created a sense of camaraderie and solidary in being a part of Apollo Tyres big family, who gathered not only to celebrate Merdeka but also the close relationship and mutual benefits that both parties enjoyed over the years.

Apollo Tyres Malaysia also took this opportunity to present Apollo’s product updates and share testimonials from its loyal Apollo Tyres fleets.

Under the strong leadership of Managing Director Tom Tai, Coltrac is one of the leading truck tyre and retread players in the central region.


2019年8月29日,马来西亚阿波罗轮胎和可达轮胎轮胎有限公司联手于吉隆坡Desa Sri Hartamas 的Yes Sir 小餐馆及酒吧 ,主办国庆之夜。这是两家公司为了感谢客户对阿波罗轮胎的强大支持和忠诚,第三次一起携手主办这个特别的庆典。

共有超过50名可达轮胎终端用户出席这个美食佳肴,免费饮料供应不绝,充满乐趣和友爱的活动。来自不同行业的客户在当晚聚集在一起庆祝我国的62岁生日。在该小餐馆及酒吧座落的Desa Sri Hartamas市中心,建筑物、公共场所、商业地点到处可见飞舞的马来西亚国旗,庆祝国庆的气氛正慢慢地变得热烈起来。该舒适和充满庆祝氛围的小餐馆及酒吧,让所有与会者有了作为阿波罗大家庭成员之一的归属感,友爱团结,不仅是为了庆祝国庆日,也是为了庆祝两家公司这些年来所享有,互惠互利的密切伙伴关系。



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