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Motul Participates in KLIMS 2018

Motul KLIMS 2018

Motul showcased a wide range of its product at KLIMS 2018, including an Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) exchanger machine.

Motul Introduces MotulEvo – A Unique & Innovative Transmission Maintenance Project

Motul showcased its range of products at the Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show (KLIMS) 2018, the largest automotive show in Malaysia, which was held from 23rd November to 2nd December at the Malaysia International Trade & Exhibition Centre.

With technical personnel on hand, the company highlighted the benefits of its products, from engine oils, brake fluids, transmission fluids for passenger cars, medium and heavy duty engine oils for vehicles as well as hydraulic oils, among others.

Also on display was an Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) exchanger machine. Patrick Hoh, Country Manager (Malaysia, Brunei) of High Tech Lubricants AP Pte Ltd, said an automatic transmission was a complex and expensive unit and its maintenance required specialised knowledge and equipment. Apart from replacing the automatic transmission fluid, it was also necessary to replace the filter elements and gaskets. In many cases, he said, there were practically no training standards on transmission technology services or training being unavailable to independent service stations.

“In response to this trend, Motul has implemented a unique and innovative transmission maintenance project, MotulEvo, dedicated to operators, retailers, mechanics and workshops who want to seize this opportunity to increase their business and perform the work properly and professionally.”

The package, he pointed out, consisted of a complete range of automatic transmission fluids (ATFs) that covered most of these transmission applications. What made this package even more impressive was that it came with an ATF exchanger machine that could be used on every type of automatic transmission for oil changes.

“The goal is to remove as much of the old fluid as possible. The machine uses an efficient circulation method with which it simultaneously extracts the used fluid while injecting new fluid into the transmission unit. This could not be achieved manually as some 30 to 40 per cent of the old fluid might be left in the car. Our ATF exchanger machine could not only automatically replace up to 99 per cent of a vehicle’s transmission fluid, but also ensure a complete ATF exchange being done in 20 minutes or less,” he added.

The ATF exchanger machine, he continued, was also a transmission cleaner, formulated to transform old ATF into a safe cleaning fluid that removed sludge and varnish deposits from the hydraulic system, which shortened the useful life of the gearbox.

Besides that, the package also covered a full set of fittings designed and developed by Motul to work on most automatic gearboxes and which are constantly updated to follow new developments and trends, a completely renewed website and technical training that provided professional knowledge needed for day-to-day activities and developed the principles of the functioning and maintenance of automatic transmissions.

Based in Singapore, High Tech Lubricants AP is the official Motul distributor for the Asia Pacific region.




在其展位上,还可看到一台自动变速箱油交换机(ATF)。High Tech Lubricants AP 私人有限公司区域经理(马来西亚、汶莱)何健鸿表示,自动变速箱是一个复杂又昂贵的部件,需要专门的知识和设备来进行养护。除了更换自动变速箱液体外,还需要更换过滤器和密封垫。他说,独立的变速箱服务站,很多时候几乎没有标准的变速箱油技术服务或培训。



“我们的目的是尽可能地将旧的自动变速箱油彻底换掉。该设备采用高效循环方法换油,新油的加注和旧油的排出是同时进行的。 人工换油一般无法将旧油彻底更换,汽车里往往会存留30% 至40%的旧油。我们的自动变速箱油交换机不仅能够更换99%的废油,还能在20分钟或更少的时间里彻底完成换油的工作。”他补充。


该配套包含摩特设计和研发,适合大部分自动变速箱的配件。摩特不断更新这些配件以迎合最新的发展和趋势,并设有一个完整更新的 官网。此外,该公司也会提供培训,以确保使用者具有日常自动变速箱养护的专业知识,发展自动变速箱功能和养护原则。

以新加坡为基地的High Tech Lubricants AP是摩特的亚太授权经销商。

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