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New Premium Construction Tyre Range from Continental

Construction Tyre Continental

Continental promotes the new Conti CrossTrac commercial tyre at the Tire Cologne.

Continental Break Ground with New Premium Tyre Range for Construction Applications

Transport to and on construction sites places heavy demands on man, machinery and tyres. Robustness and traction are the main tyre characteristics that are crucial in construction applications. However, traction-optimised tread designs with wide grooves lead to greater levels of wear at a faster pace as well as increased fuel consumption on paved roads.

Considering these reasons, Continental’s Research and Development department in Hanover designed the all-new Conti CrossTrac commercial tyre range to overcome these challenges, with the tyre manufacturer promoting the product at the Tire Cologne at the end of May.

“The new Conti CrossTrac tyres combine the best of two worlds: they prove to be robust and reliable workhorses on construction sites and offer maximum mileage, excellent durability and a smooth performance on the road,” explains Constantin Batsch, Vice President Truck Tyres Replacement EMEA at Continental. 

To fulfil these prerequisites and to provide the ultimate balance between on and off-road performance, the new Conti CrossTrac tyres have been developed with an innovative tread design for good on and off-road wear performance. By further combining different state-of-the-art compounds for the cap and base, the new Conti CrossTrac allows conflicting application requirements to be balanced out.

While the base compound is optimised for low rolling resistance and high mileage, the cap compound is designed for optimum traction, good robustness and enhanced chip, chunk and cut resistance. The result is that the driver can manage any surface with ease. Even under hard braking manoeuvres and changes of direction, Conti CrossTrac tyres perform well in the traction stakes.



有鉴于此,马牌在汉诺威的研发部特别设计了全新的Conti CrossTrac商用车轮胎系列来克服这些挑战,并借着5月底的科隆国际轮胎贸易展览会推广该产品。

“全新的Conti CrossTrac轮胎结合了两大特质,它们除了在工地表现坚固可靠,还可提供最高的里程数,非常耐磨,同时具有公路顺畅行驶的性能。”马牌欧洲、中东及美洲卡车轮胎替换市场副总裁巴奇(Constantin Batsch)表示。

为了满足这些条件和在越野性能方面提供终极的平衡,该公司特别为Conti CrossTrac研发了可提供良好的越野和道路耐磨性能的创新胎纹。在轮胎帘布衬层和基部采用了不同的复合胶料,来平衡相互冲突的运用需求。

该款轮胎的基部复合胶料可带来较低的滚动阻力和高里程数,其胎帽的复合胶料则可优化牵引力,强化抗碎裂和切割的能力,确保司机在任何路面均能得心应手。Conti CrossTrac在紧急制动和转换方向下 ,仍具有良好牵引力。

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