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New Shell Helix Eco Fully Synthetic for Compact Cars

Shell Helix Eco Synthetic

The new Shell Helix Eco, with its lower viscosity, can help lower fuel consumption and ensure a smoother ride.

Shell Helix Eco OW20 for Stop-start Driving Condition in City

Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd recently launched Helix Eco, a new low-viscosity, fully-synthetic engine oil to cater for the growing number of modern compact cars with engine capacities below 1200 cc.

The new Shell Helix Eco 0W 20 engine oil is specifically developed for small cars, where the engines are often subjected to high stress, stop-start driving conditions in the city.  It promises better fuel economy and superior protection for engine parts against wear and friction.  It also features a low evaporation formula that always helps keep the engine well lubricated and protected.

“The new Shell Helix Eco, with its lower viscosity, can help lower fuel consumption and ensure a smoother ride.  Car owners will now be able to enjoy savings from lower maintenance costs as it is a premium fully synthetic engine oil that is able to cleanse your engine as well as provide optimal engine protection until your next oil change,” shared May Tan, General Manager, Shell Lubricants Marketing.

Available in a convenient 3.5-litre pack that is ideal for one oil change, the new Shell Helix Eco 0W 20 has recommended retail prices of RM143.50 in Peninsular Malaysia and RM144.20 in Sabah and Sarawak.  It is available at authorised Shell Helix workshops nationwide.

In conjunction with its launch in Malaysia, every 3.5-litre pack of genuine ‘Untuk Pasaran Malaysia’ Shell Helix Eco 0W 20 comes with a free sunshade. This offer is valid from 1 March 2020 while stocks last.

Customers who purchase genuine ‘Untuk Pasaran Malaysia’ Shell Helix from authorised Shell Helix workshops are entitled to participate in the unique Shell Advantage and Rewards (SHARE) programme (

SHARE members are entitled to one pack of free Shell Helix engine oil for every four packs purchased from authorised retail outlets.

全新轿车专用全合成蚬壳 Helix Eco

蚬壳马来西亚贸易私人有限公司(Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd)为了满足大马道路上愈来愈多排气量低于1200cc的现代小轿车需求,推出了全新低黏度全合成引擎机油。 

全新蚬壳Helix Eco 0W 20引擎机油专为城市里引擎压力大,经常停和开的小轿车量身打造。它提供更好的燃油经济,具有卓越的防止引擎组件磨损的功能。它的低蒸发配方,可维持引擎的润滑度和保护引擎。

蚬壳润滑油(Shell Lubricants)行销总经理陈美君说:“低黏度的全新蚬壳Helix Eco能协助压低耗油量和确保顺畅行驶。车主如今能省下不少维修保养成本,因为它是优质全合成引擎机油,能够清洁和为引擎提供最佳保护一直到下一次更换机油。”

3.5公升的全新蚬壳Helix ECO 0W 20便利装,刚好适合更换一次机油,半岛建议零售价143.50令吉,沙巴及砂拉越则为144.20令吉。全国授权蚬壳Helix车厂均有销售。 

配合大马的发布会,凡购买3.5公升正宗“Untuk Pasaran Malaysia”(大马市场专用)蚬壳Helix ECO 0W 20者将获赠1把遮阳伞。优惠期从2020年3月1日开始,欲购从速,以免向隅。

凡向授权蚬壳Helix车厂购买正宗“Untuk Pasaran Malaysia” 蚬壳 Helix者将获得参

加独特的Shell Advantage and Rewards(SHARE)计划(。凡向授权零售店购买4罐的SHARE会员将获赠1罐蚬壳Helix引擎机油。

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