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Shell Malaysia Unveils First Carbon Neutral Engine Oils

Shell Malaysia Engine Oils

Shell Malaysia officially launched its first carbon neutral engine oils made from natural gas.

Shell Malaysia Aims to Become a Net-Zero Emission Energy Business

The launch was seen as a testament to one of the company’s many initiatives to help reduce carbon emissions with its customers, in line with Shell’s ambition to become a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050.

Shell Malaysia is pleased to provide a variety of low-carbon energy solutions to our customers, from electric vehicle charging and biofuels to now carbon neutral lubricants,” said Dato Ivan Tan, Chairman of Shell Malaysia.

“Increasingly, we would work on nature-based solutions to deliver high-quality carbon credits that could be used to compensate the emissions generated when a customer purchases and uses a Shell product, such as the new Shell Helix Power 5W. This comes in addition to our existing efforts of responsibly reducing the carbon intensity of oil and gas operations, and investments in lower-carbon sources of energy…..”

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此次的发布会被视为该公司帮助客户减少碳排放的众多举措之一,这符合蚬壳致力于在 2050 年前成为净零排放能源企业的雄心。

马来西亚蚬壳主席拿督陈文杰(Dato Ivan Tan)表示:“马来西亚蚬壳很荣幸能够为客户提供多种低碳能源解决方案,包括为电动车充电、推出生物燃料和碳中和引擎润滑油。”

他续称:“ 今后,我们会专注推动基于自然的解决方案,提供优质的碳信用额度。这些碳信用额度可以用于抵消客户购买和使用蚬壳产品时产生的碳排放量,例如全新的蚬壳Helix Power 5W。这是我们当下负责任地降低石油和天然气运营的碳排放量,还有投资于低碳能源的额外努力…….”


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