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North Malaysia Tyre Association Celebrates 58th Anniversary

North Malaysia Tyre Association Anniversary

The North Malaysia Tyre Association celebrated its 58th Anniversary on 20th May at the Daily Fish BW Sdn Bhd in Butterworth, Penang. The event was well attended by 750 people, including its members, representatives from the Malaysian Association of Tyre Retreaders and Dealers Societies (MATRDS), members from the states association, tyre manufacturers and tyre servicing equipment suppliers, guests and the media.

North Malaysia Tyre Association Marks 58 Years of Excellence

Speaking at the anniversary dinner, Goh Kim Seong, President of North Malaysia Tyre Association, said: “The emergence of the digital era has changed the way in which tyre purchasing is done. As dealers or wholesalers, we are facing severe competition from online selling channels and this has a great impact on our profit margins. We have to upgrade in technology, knowledge, skills as well as our quality of services to compete with them.”

Organising Committee Chairman Goh Klang Weng was pleased with the number of companies that took part in the Automotive Equipment & Product Exhibition that was held on the same day. “We have 9 companies this year; they are Corida Sdn Bhd, Wonder Internation Sdn Bhd, Optimum Fluids Marketing Sdn Bhd, Setia Tyre Repair Product (M) Sdn Bhd, LSK Auto Resources, Webmex Technologies Sdn Bhd, Westlake Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd, Xado Marketing (KL) Sdn Bhd and Aveno Marketing Sdn Bhd. This exhibition is a good platform for us to keep in touch with the latest development in the industry, including new tyres, automotive tyre servicing equipment, lubricants and additives, tyre repair products and tools, as well as web-based/mobile apps software workplace solutions, which help to increase the quality and technology of the tyre servicing industry.”

Meanwhile, Foo Chong Seng, the President of MATRDS, said the new Malaysian government’s abolishment of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) from 1st June, 2018 had a great impact on the tyre industry. According to him, many members complained that their business was affected as many people postponed their purchases until the zero-rated GST had kicked in.

“I hereby urged our members to be patient. We should keep our eyes on the future; it needs time to transition from the GST to the Sales and Service Tax (SST),” Foo added.

He also pointed out that the China’sOne Belt One Road’ (OBOR) initiative had a profound international impact and the Malaysian government should leverage on this potential. He said the government should focus more on tourism as it could boost the country’s economy.

The cake-cutting ceremony, toasting and lucky draws were among the highlights of the evening.




筹委会主席吴健荣对今年参与轮胎机械及汽车商品展销会的参展商数目感到满意。“今年有9家公司,包括可利达轮胎机械有限公司、万达国际汽车仪器制造有限公司、Optimum Fluids 行销私人有限公司、Setia 轮胎修补产品(马)私人有限公司、LSK汽车资源、Webmex科技私人有限公司、威狮行销(马)私人有限公司、Xado行销(吉隆坡)私人有限公司及Aveno行销私人有限公司,参与这个在晚宴同一天举行的展会。此展会是个良好的平台,让我们能够获取最新的轮胎业与相关行业的发展动态,包括新轮胎、汽车轮胎服务设备、润滑油及添加剂、轮胎修补产品和工具,以及基于网络/手机应用软件工作场所解决方案,协助提升轮胎服务业的品质和技术。”


“我呼吁业者稍安勿躁,将视野放在未来。 从消除消费税到恢复销售及服务税需要一点过渡时间。”他补充说。



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