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North, South and East Coast Mobil Authorised Distributors Launch Promotion Service Package to Support Grab Drivers

Mobil Service Package Grab

The special Mobil promotion package exclusively for Grab drivers includes a discounted price for oil change and filter service.

Mobil: Super 3000 5W-30 All-In-One Protection Helps Improve Engine Performance

North, South and East Coast Mobil authorised distributors in Malaysia have collaborated with Grab Malaysia in launching their latest promotion package exclusively for Grab drivers. This special promotion offers 1 free bottle of 4 litre Engine Oil when they service their vehicle for 3 consecutive times at Mobil workshops.

This package also includes a discounted price of only RM169 for oil change and filter service, comprising Super 3000 5w30 (4L) Engine Oil, Local Oil Filter, and labour charges.

Mobil Super 3000 5W-30 All-In-One Protection is comprised of fully synthetic engine oil that is tailored for smoother acceleration and provides outstanding engine wear protection even under the most demanding driving conditions. It is formulated with Heat-Activated Anti-Wear Molecules technology which provides superior engine protection under high temperature and is proven to provide better engine wear protection by up to 65 per cent in the latest API SP engine test. It is also proven in the same API SP engine test that damaging Low Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI) problems can be reduced in modern engines. This, Mobil said, helps to improve engine efficiency and prolongs engine life….

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以支持Grab 司机


此配套还包含以169令吉的折扣价更换机油和过滤器、Super 3000 5w30  (4公升)机油、本地机油过滤器及人工费。

Mobil Super 3000 5W-30 All-In-One Protection全合成机油是为了顺畅加速而量身打造,即使在最严苛的驾驶条件下,也能提供出色的引擎磨损保护。它采用抗热活化抗磨分子技术配方研制而成,能够在高温下提供卓越的引擎保护,并在最新的API SP引擎测试中被证实能够为引擎提供高达65%的保护。在同一个API SP引擎测试中,它也被证实能够降低对现代引擎具破坏力的低转速预燃(LPSI)问题。美孚表示,这可改善引擎效率和延长引擎的使用寿命…..。


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