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Pahang Tyre Dealer Association’s 28th Anniversary

Pahang Tyre Dealer Association

The Pahang Tyre Dealer Association celebrated its 28th anniversary with a grand dinner and a mini exhibition recently.

Eight Companies Takes Part in Mini Exhibition

The 28th anniversary of the Pahang Tyre Dealer Association was celebrated with a mini exhibition and a grand dinner on 22nd September at the Mexican Garden Seafood Restaurant Sdn Bhd in Kuantan.

Approximately 600 people attended the event. The eight companies that took part in the mini exhibition were LSK Auto Resources, Asiajuta Marketing Sdn Bhd, Easa Trading, Toyo Autopark, FML Supply Sdn Bhd, NNS Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd, Liew Koon Marketing and One Solution Equipment Sdn Bhd.

“Our new government has embarked on a cost-cutting spree, cancelled some mega projects, reviewed and reduced the cost of approved projects. The effects are being felt by all industries to some extent. The global economy is experiencing a periodic slowdown, the US-China trade war, Japan-South Korea trade dispute, Brexit and Hong Kong Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill (Anti-ELAB) movement, have impacted the global economy greatly. The whole environment is full of uncertainties,” said Malaysian Association of Tyre Retreaders & Dealers Societies (MATRDS) President Goh Soo Chay in his speech.

He pointed out that the market is declining. The drop in business’ volume, tight cash flows and debt collection becoming increasingly difficult. Despite all these things, expenses are rising. No one knows when the economy will pick up. Based on conservative assumption, he said, this will probably be at least another 2 to 3 years.

“We need to co-operate, think of some solutions to overcome hard times. I have some suggestions to share with the members. We could look into cutting down expenses, reducing inventory, tighten debt control, increasing our offerings by providing more relevant services to increase revenue. Besides that, we could also organise more training to upgrade the skills of our employees. We urge our members do not cut prices or offer longer credit term to build up sales, as we are facing severe competition from online sales that is having a serious impact on our bottom line.”

The economic slowdown has affected many industries, he continued. The demand for tyres has also decreased, which has little to do with pricing. In other words, he said, cutting price does not guarantee increased sales, but it will affect profitability or result in losses. Thus, it is better to take on a defensive rather than an attacking approach during these challenging times.

He also warned the members to be careful of scams as the number of fraud cases tends to be higher when times are bad.

Wonder Internation Sdn Bhd sponsored two new pieces of tyre servicing equipment, namely the New –Type Tubeless Tyre changer and 3D TW-99 for auction, while One Solution Equipment sponsored an On & Off Car Brake Disc and Drum Lather Machine for auction. The auction was held during the celebration to finance the Association’s activities.

Other highlights included the swearing-in ceremony for newly elected office bearers as well as a cake cutting and toasting ceremony.

On 23rd September, the day after the celebration, MATRDS organised a seminar for tyre shop operators in Pahang on the Malaysian Skill Certificate (SKM) by the Department of Skills Development, an agency under the Ministry of Human Resources. Held at Rocano Hotel, Kuantan, the seminar was attended by 45 members.



此次出席的人数有600人。参展企业有8家,包括LSK汽车资源、Asiajuta行销私人有限公司、Easa 贸易、Toyo Autopark、FML供应私人有限公司、NNS行销(马)私人有限公司、刘坤贸易有限公司及One Solution设备私人有限公司。






万达国际汽车仪器制造有限公司赞助了两台全新的轮胎服务设备- New -Type Tubeless轮胎拆装机和3D TW-99 ,而One Solution设备则赞助一台在车及车外汽车制动盘及制动鼓车床(On & Off Car Brake Disc and Drum Lather Machine)让公会拍卖。拍卖所得款项将作为公会基金。


马来西亚轮胎复新暨代理公会联合会在该联欢晚会的第二天,也就是9月23日为彭亨的轮胎业者主办了一个马来西亚人力资源部技术发展局的马来西亚技术证书(SKM )课程。共有45名成员参与这个在关丹Rocano酒店举行的培训。

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