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Petlas Tire Continues to Strive for Quality

Petlas Tire Quality

PTS Marketing became the sole distributor of Petlas tyres in Malaysia since 2014.

PTS Marketing Brings Petlas to Malaysia

Providing quality products and superior service to customers is the mission of PTS Marketing Sdn Bhd, which the company says is in line with Turkey based tyre manufacturer, Petlas, who initiated a ‘Voyage to Quality’ programme in 1998 stressing the importance of quality. Commitment in providing quality products is the value that both companies share in common, and that is what probably tied the two companies together. PTS Marketing became the sole distributor of Petlas tyres in Malaysia since 2014.

Starting off in 1976 as a state manufacturer of fighter aircraft tyres for the Turkish Air Force, Petlas Tire was acquired by Abdulkadir Ozcan Anonim Sirketi, a leading Turkish tyre company. The company began its production of radial tractor tyres in 2007, manufacturing 85 per cent of their product based on its own knowhow. Today, the company manufactures almost all types of tyre, ranging from passenger cars, SUVs/4X4, light truck and truck, off-highway equipment used in agricultural, industrial, earthmoving/construction vehicles, military vehicles to aircraft. Petlas Tire has operations in 98 countries and has a large and stable distribution network throughout the world tyre market.

Leveraging on its own research and development centre, Petlas Tire keeps up with the latest technologies, and has obtained several certifications such as the ISO 9001 Quality System Assurance Certification, AQAP-10 Industrial Quality and ISO/TS 16949. According to PTS Marketing, Petlas tyres are safe, deliver less emissions and noise, making them an environmentally friendly product.

The patterns that PTS Marketing has brought into Malaysia are Velox Sport PT741, Velox Sport PT741 Run-Flat, Explero PT431 H/T and Progreen PT525.

According to the company, Velox Sport PT741 is produced for drivers who desire ultimate handling and grip performance without compromising comfort while driving at high speed. The tyre utilises a full silica tread compound developed through FST technology, providing superb handling on dry and wet road conditions. Rolling resistance is reduced significantly, resulting in lower fuel consumption. It is available in 74 sizes, starting from 15-inch all the way up to 20-inch in diameter. There are 17 sizes ranging from 16 to 19-inch in the Petlas PT741 range, with the tyre also offering a run-flat feature, which means that these tyres can continue supporting the vehicle’s movement even when the pressure is lost. It is claimed these tyres are capable of reaching a distance up to 200km without having any integrity problems.

Specially developed for luxury SUVs, the Explero PT431 H/T combines quality and high performance with its specially developed tread design and compound. The company claims that the tyre’s block array maximises grip performance in every driving condition with short braking distances on wet surfaces. The tyre is available in a total of 20 sizes, ranging from 17 to 20-inch rim size, including Explero PT431 H/T 255/50R19 run-flat.

Meanwhile, the Progreen PT525 is a passenger car tyre designed to be more fuel efficient with high mileage performance. Featuring an asymmetrical pattern design that enables high performance on both dry and wet conditions with enhanced safety, the tyre offers fast and effective water discharge through its three wide grooves. The tyre also offers low rolling resistance according to PTS Marketing, thanks to its specially developed tread compound. Road noise has been minimised through the tyre’s special tread block design. The Progreen PT525 is available in 11 sizes, from 14 to 16 inch in diameter.



1976年成立的Petlas轮胎,最初是国营的土耳其空军战斗机轮胎制造商,后来被 Abdulkadir Ozcan Anonim Sirketi所收购。2007年,Petlas 开始生产牵引车子午胎。在该公司的产品中,有85% 出自该公司自己的科技。今天,Petlas几乎覆盖所有种类的轮胎,从轿车、休旅车(SUV)/四驱车、轻卡到卡车轮胎、农业用非高速公路设备轮胎、工业用轮胎、铲泥车/建筑用车辆轮胎、军用轮胎到飞机轮胎。Petlas的业务遍及98个国家,在全世界的轮胎市场拥有巨大和稳定的分销网络。

Petlas依靠自己的研发中心,紧跟最新技术,并取得了好几项认证如ISO 9001品质相同保证认证、AQAP-10工业品质及ISO/TS16949 认证。据PTS行销表示,Petlas轮胎是环保产品,它安全、废气排放少,噪音低。

PTS行销引进马来西亚的Petlas轮胎款型有Velox Sport PT741、 Velox Sport PT741 Run-Flat、 Explero PT431 H/T及 Progreen PT525.

该公司表示,Velox Sport PT741 是专为追求极致操控和抓地力,却又不影响高速舒适驾驶的司机所设计。该款轮胎采用FST科技研发而成的全硅复合胶料制成,无论是干地或湿路都具有卓越操控。其大幅度降低的滚动阻力,降低油耗量。它共推出74种尺寸,从15寸到20寸。Petlas PT741 Runflat则有17 种尺寸,从16至19寸,这些轮胎在漏气时仍然能够持续支持车辆行驶。据悉,该轮胎能够行驶至200公里,不会影响轮胎的完整性。

Explero PT431 H/T是专为豪华SUV研发的轮胎,结合了品质和高性能,采用特别研发的复合胶料制成,具有独特的花纹设计。该公司宣称该款轮胎的块状花纹布局,最大幅度提高了每一种路况的驾驶状况,缩短湿地制动距离。此款轮胎共有20种尺寸,从17寸到20寸,包括 Explero PT431 H/T 255/50R19 run-flat。

与此同时,Progreen PT525 是一条里程数高又节油的轮胎。其不对称的花纹设计,可提升轮胎在干地和湿地的安全性,三条宽敞的沟槽可快速排水。据PTS行销指出,该款轮胎独特的复合胶配方,带来较低的滚动阻力 ,独特的块状花纹有效降低路噪。Progreen PT525 拥有11种尺寸,从14至16寸。

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