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Prinx Chengshan at SEMA Show 2023

Prinx Chengshan SEMA Show
Prinx Chengshan SEMA Show

From 31st October to 3rd November, Prinx Chengshan showcased its two major brands, Prinx and Fortune, at the 2023 show of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA SHOW 2023) in Las Vegas, USA.

Prinx Chengshan Makes Its Strong Presence at SEMA

This event brought a wide range of high-performance products to North American customers. Following a successful launch in the European market with a grand event in Italy in May 2023, Prinx Chengshan‘s high-end brand, Prinx, officially made its debut in North America.

As a brand that has received prestigious international industrial design awards such as MUSE (USA), A’Design AWARD (Italy), and DNA (France), the revitalised Prinx brand had a prominent presence at this year’s SEMA Show. Products such as the HiCountry HT2 urban SUV tyre, R/T HR1 off-road tyre, and HM1 mud tyre exhibited the brand’s consistent high quality and standards in terms of both design and performance. This drew significant attention from customers, allowing numerous attendees to witness the robust capabilities of Chinese-made tyres.

The highlight of this exhibition was the introduction of the all-season high-performance 4S series tyre, thoughtfully created for North American users. Among these, the Hiseason 4S HS1 all-season tyre features a new compound tire surface formula and a variety of intricate grooves designed to maximise water film cutting on wet and slippery surfaces, enhancing its resistance to hydroplaning. The diverse patterns of lateral grooves, in a stepped design, further enhance the overall rigidity and wear resistance of the tread blocks. Additionally, the new “snow claw” and stepped tread block edge improve the tyre’s grip on snow, ensuring powerful traction in wet conditions, and agile handling in snow, effortlessly coping with the ever-changing weather and diverse road conditions throughout all four seasons of the year. Judging by the enthusiastic feedback at the exhibition, the 4S series tyres will undoubtedly become another valuable asset for Prinx Chengshan in the North American market.

Fortune, another brand under the company, has been deeply rooted in the North American region for several years and is very popular among users. The eye-catching display at the show was the Fortune FSR309 R/T tyre loaded on off-road vehicles. This off-road tyre, with its unique formulation and tread design, delivers exceptional traction, while the shoulder design effectively protects the sidewall and enhances tyre durability. Owners can experience driving enjoyment on various terrains, making it a surprising “off-road rider.” The brand’s philosophy of “Driving Forward” reflects the positive spirit of off-road sports.



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