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TyreStore Launches Prinx Tyres in Malaysia

TyreStore has brought in a new tyre band, Prinx from Thailand.

Prinx Tyres Now Available in Malaysia 

TyreStore Sdn Bhd has added a new tyre brand, Prinx, into its product portfolio, following the announcement that TyreStore would be the sole distributor, with exclusively rights over the brand in Malaysia.

The Prinx brand of tyres, produced in Thailand are available by rim size ranging from 14 -to 22-inch, including Hirace, Hicity and Hicountry HT, AT and MT series, the company explained.

“These are high quality and high value tyres that are made for city drivers as well as for the off-road adventurer in 4×4 pick-up trucks. Prinx tyres covers all the unique selling points that customers want when it comes to tyres……

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该公司解释说,Prinx轮胎产自泰国,轮胎尺寸范围涵盖1422寸,目前推出的系列有HiraceHicity Hicountry HT AT MT系列。




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