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Prinx Chengshan OTR Mining Tyres Make Debut

Prinx Chengshan Mining Tyres

Recently, Prinx Chengshan announced the launch of two high-performance OTR tyres for wide-body mining vehicles: ET06 and ET07 in size 16.00R25. Before that, Prinx Chengshan has successively launched wide-body mining vehicle tyres, underground smooth tyres, and all-road crane tyres in the mining field, quickly gaining market recognition with their ultra-cutting resistance, high load capacity, and high-speed traction performance. 

New OTR Mining Tyres Launched by Prinx Chengshan

The OTR mining tyres have been tested to be 10% stronger and more durable than similar products, and have undergone specialised intelligent research and development, dynamic simulation, and recreation of use scenarios to develop the product.

The wide-body tyres in the form of the ET06 and ET07 launched this time are new works of innovative technology application in OTR tyres from the manufacturer. Customised patterns and structural designs, along with the use of innovative materials and ultra-resistant cutting tread formulas, enhance wear resistance and extend service life for long-distance transportation in harsh operating conditions in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, and other areas.

In addition, the product’s tread has an optimised depth for long hauls, providing good traction and grip. Unique shoulder groove design, both aesthetically pleasing and conducive to heat dissipation. The anti-stone design effectively hinders the inclusion of stones, improves puncture resistance, and fully assists users in efficient operation and safe production.

Prinx Chengshan currently specialises in providing comprehensive pre-sale, sale, and after-sales services for OTR tyre customers and before sales, service personnel will conduct on-site research, guidance, customisation planning, and technical training. Professional personnel are stationed at the mine during sales to provide services, follow up on selection and replacement, and optimise plans with inspections and maintenance follow-ups being performed regularly after sales.

In addition to mining tyres, the company will also launch competitive high-performance products in loader products, giant tyres, large rigid trucks, and port-specific tyres. The product matrix in the agricultural radial tyre field will also continue to be optimised.

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