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PTDRA Celebrates 43rd Anniversary

Persatuan Peniaga-Peniaga Tayar Dan Pencelup Tayar Perak (PTDRA) celebrated its 43rd Anniversary with a grand dinner and exhibition on 15th July at the Tow Boh Keong Hall in Ipoh, Perak.

43rd Anniversary for PTDRA

Companies that participated in the exhibition were Corida Sdn Bhd, Wonder International Sdn Bhd, Aveno Marketing Sdn Bhd, Optimum Fluids Marketing Sdn Bhd, and Setia Tyre Repair Product (M) Sdn Bhd.

The event was well attended by about 800 people, consisting of representatives from the Malaysian Association of Tyres, Retreaders and Dealers Society (MATRDS), state associations, tyre manufacturers, tyre service equipment suppliers as well as the media.

“First off, I would like to thank everyone for taking the time out of their busy schedule to join us this evening. We want to thank the organising committee, PTDRA office bearers and committee members to make this celebration so great,” said PTDRA Secretary Chai Yen Fong in his opening speech.

He encouraged members to make good use of the ‘honeymoon period’ to boost their sales. The abolishment of the Goods and Service Tax (GST) by the new Pakatan Harapan Malaysia government from 6 per cent previously to being zero rated on 1st June, he said, had freed all products from the GST regime, including tyres. Since there was no GST and the Sales and Services Tax (SST) was only to be implemented from 1st September, he pointed out that members should grab the opportunity to convince consumers to replace their tyres if they were due for change before the reintroduction of the SST.

“We need the co-operation from all the members. Do not disrupt the market and market price, and provide misleading information that tyres must be fresh from the production lines. This would rebound upon oneself.”

He added that PTDTA would continue its effort in attracting new members as there was strength in numbers. “Bigger numbers mean bigger power and a stronger voice for the Association. We are the contact centre for the industry and our members; we help each other internally and cooperate with the government in policy implementation.

“According to MATRDS Consultant H.T. Tan, the new government would continue to promote and push the professional status of the technical role across all sectors through the Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) certificate programme. Besides that, the Employment Insurance Scheme (EIS), which aims to help laid-off employees looking for another job and who contribute to Socso and the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) would also carry on its role; thus members should continue to contribute.”

Meanwhile, MATRDS President Foo Chong Seng said there was a technician shortage in the tyre servicing industry, especially those who were experienced and skilful. He said Johor was severely affected by this shortage as many technicians preferred to work in Singapore as the salary was higher. If their monthly salary was SD2,000, it was the equivalent to about RM6,000.

“We have to pay more to hire local technicians due to the shortage. This would increase our operating cost and it would ultimately be passed onto the consumer. We hope to have a dialogue with the government so that it could understand our problem and allow us to employ foreign workers.”

Foo also revealed that MATRDS currently had 2,232 members, which accounted for about 20 per cent of the industry players. He urged the state associations to put more effort in recruiting new members.

“The more members we have, the more powerful we are. Collectively, with one voice, we are stronger and have a greater impact than when any of us stands alone,” Foo added.

Among the evening highlights were the entertainment, cake cutting and toasting ceremony as well as the lucky draw.





此次参加展出的公司有可利达机械有限公司、万达国际汽车仪器制造有限公司、Aveno行销私人有限公司、Optimum Fluids 行销私人有限公司及Setia轮胎修补产品(马)私人有限公司。


“首先我谨代表霹雳轮胎商公会感谢大家今晚抽空出席本会43周年庆典。我也感谢筹委会和全体理事的努力 ,使今晚的晚宴能够顺利进行。”霹雳轮胎同业公会秘书蔡远芳在其致词中表示。

他鼓励会员们好好利用3个月的“蜜月期”。希望联盟政府于6月1日将前朝政府规定的6% 消费税取消,使所有的产品,包括轮胎变成免税。他说消费税变成零,销售与服务税(SST)又要到9月才开始实施,同业们应该捉紧机会多做生意,说服需要更换轮胎的消费者在销售与服务税实施之前,赶快更换轮胎。

“我们需要所有会员的合作。不要破坏市场和价格,为客户提供错误信息,让他们误以为轮胎一定要‘新鲜出炉’才好。 如此的做法,最终将自食其果,害人害己。”

他补充说,公会将继续努力吸引新会员,增加会员人数,壮大实力 。“人数多意味着力量和声势也会更大。公会是同业和会员的联系中心。对内我们互相扶持,对外我们配合政府的政策。”

“根据联合会执行顾问陈贤通引述,政府将透过马来西亚技术证书(SKM)课程,继续在各个领域推广和推行技术人员的专业地位。除此之外,雇员失业保险(EIS)和员工培训基金(HRDP) 将继续执行。EIS旨在失业期间资助那些有缴交社会保险被辞退的员工 。因此,会员应该继续呈报缴费。”

马来西亚轮胎复新暨代理同业公会联合会总会长符俊成表示, 轮胎行业面对人力短缺的问题,特别是技术熟练的技术员。他说,柔佛的情况最为严重,因为人才被新加坡吸纳。技术人员因新元对马币的兑换率高,因此比较喜欢在新加坡工作。如果月薪是2千新元,折合马币就有大约6,000令吉。


符俊成也透露,总会目前有2,232 名会员,占了马来西亚轮胎业者人数的20%。他呼吁各州会努力招收新会员。








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