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Pusat Tayar Pitstop 2 Tyre & Auto Service Receives Good Support from Hankook Malaysia

Pusat Tayar Pitstop 2 Tyre & Auto Service

Pusat Tayar Pitshop 2 Tyre & Auto Service started out in 2011 with only three staff and no customer database at hand.

Pusat Tayar Pitstop 2 Joins Hankook Masters

“Our relationship with Hankook began five years ago when we became an authorised Hankook Masters dealer. The reason we joined the Hankook Masters programme was because we experienced a high customer demand for the Hankook brand of tyre. Hankook Tire practises good pricing control that makes its tyres affordable without sacrificing the quality, which enables the brand to enjoy significant customer attention. Therefore, it is more to meet the rising customer demand for Hankook tyres that led us to the Hankook Master big family,” said the owner, Sean Tan.

He expressed gratitude to Hankook Tire Malaysia for its strong support that helped the company to grow to become what it is today. “Hankook Tire Malaysia provides a lot of support to its dealers. Initially, we had very limited cash on hand to run the business but Hankook Tire was very flexible and supportive. It always strive to maintain reasonable product pricing that sends a positive message to customers about the quality of Hankook products and the value of their purchase…..”

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Pitstop 2 轮胎及汽车服务轮胎中心


Pitshop 2轮胎及汽车服务轮胎中心成立于 2011年,当时只有三名员工,而且手头上完全没有客户数据库。

业主陈志雄表示:“五年前,我们加入了韩泰Masters计划,成为韩泰轮胎的授权代理商,正式开展了我们与韩泰的合作。我们加入韩泰Masters 是因为客户对韩泰轮胎的高需求。韩泰轮胎对其定价控制良好,在不牺牲质量的情况下使其轮胎拥有合理价格,从而使该品牌获得客户的极大关注。因此,我们会加入韩泰Masters的大家庭,主要是为了满足客户对韩泰轮胎不断增长的需求。”

他对马来西亚韩泰轮胎公司的大力支持,使该公司得以拥有今天的规模表示感谢。 “大马韩泰轮胎为其代理商提供很多支持。我们一开始手头上的现金非常有限,但韩泰轮胎采取了灵活的措施,并为我们提供支持。韩泰始终努力保持合理的产品定价,积极向客户传达有关韩泰产品的质量和购买韩泰产品的价值……”


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