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Rising Demand for Roadone Tyres in Malaysia

Roadone Tyres Malaysia

Despite the problems caused by the pandemic, Cher Guan Chun, founder of Kitar Teliti Sdn Bhd, remains optimistic about the future of the tyre industry.

Kitar Teliti Remains Optimistic Despite Pandemic

As the sole distributor of Roadone tyres in Malaysia, he noted that there is a growing demand for the brand in the local market.

“We believe that this surge is due to the increased popularity and sales of Chinese trucks in the country.  The Hanvan G7 prime mover produced by Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd (XCMG) is a prime example. Standing at the forefront of China’s heavy construction machinery industry, XCMG is the fifth largest heavy construction machinery company in the world.  As one of the manufacturers in China that has the most diverse and complete heavy construction machinery product range, the company has developed and set the standard for the country’s domestic industry. XCMG has the capability of being the industry’s leading product innovator and the most comprehensive automotive parts manufacturing system. Currently, it is one of the most competitive and influential public listed companies in the sector……”

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尽管冠病大流行带来了许多问题,Kitar Teliti私人有限公司创始人徐源春仍对轮胎行业的未来抱持乐观态度。作为陆通轮胎在马来西亚的独家经销商,他指出当地市场对该品牌的需求不断增长。

“我们将此增长归功于中国卡车在国内不断提升的知名度和销量。徐工机械生产的汉风G7(Hanvan G7)牵引车就是一个很好的例子。徐工是中国重型工程机械行业的排头兵,是世界第五大重型工程机械企业。作为中国重型工程机械产品种类最丰富、最齐全的制造商之一,该公司为中国国内的行业制定了标准。徐工拥有业内领先的产品创新能力和中国国内最完善的汽车零部件制造体系。目前,它也是该领域里最具竞争力和影响力的上市公司之一…..”


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