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Sailun Group wins China Outstanding Achievement Award

Sailun won National Outstanding Achievement Award in Enterprise Culture 2020-2021 for unique core culture values of “trust and respect” and great projects.

Sailun Tire Awarded for its Excellent Achievement 

The China Enterprise Confederation (CEC) selected 22 recipients of the achievement award in enterprise culture based on the principles of openness, fairness and impartiality. As part of the State Council’s efforts to standardise evaluation of honors since it was announced in 2019, the award is the only national-level and authoritative project related to enterprise culture.

Since its establishment, Sailun Group has always placed an emphasis on the development of enterprise culture. The company aims to fulfil its mission of making good tyres and is committed to help China’s rubber industry reach new heights in the global market. Sailun has developed a people-oriented enterprise culture based on trust and respect, where innovation is rewarded while employees are the company’s most valuable assets and rely on hard work to build a better life.

Sailun advocates an enterprise culture with good leadership, uniting people to achieve their goals and company growth goes hand in hand with talent development. The company has developed its employees, accelerated growth, and achieved the “impossible” throughout its development, laying a solid foundation for the company to become an influential tyre manufacturer in the world, as well as contributing to employee happiness, industry development and social progress.


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