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SGT Introduces Innovative 3X Spark Plug

SGT 3X spark plug

The 3X spark plug delivers better ignition and faster burn rate, and creates higher pressure while the ECU ignition control advance becomes smaller.

The New SX Spark Plug

SGT introduced a new line of spark plugs after more than millions being tested — the innovative 3X spark plug. It is engineered with a 45-degree angle that the company tested to be the best angle to improve combustion efficiency. With a faster flame speed – 5 to 15 per cent faster than the conventional spark plug – the 3X spark plug is said to ensure complete burning of every drop of fuel, leaving almost no carbon deposits in the engine combustion chamber. Other gains include fuel consumption being reduced by 10 to 20 per cent and power increased by 10 to 20 per cent with more than 20 to 50-per cent drop in emission.

In short, the 3X spark plug delivers better ignition and faster burn rate, and creates higher pressure while the ECU ignition control advance becomes smaller. Thus, by applying a similar pressure on the accelerator pedal, SGT’s lab tests showed the torque output to be stronger, the acceleration faster along with the vehicle’s speed. The car feels more powerful without having to step on the accelerator too hard as the engine becomes more responsive.

SGT has been exploring the design and different types of spark plugs since the 80-90s. To enhance ignition performance and increase the life span of spark plugs, SGT uses precious metals such as platinum, iridium and Yttrium in the electrode to improve the ignition system structure. These metals have very high melting points; for instance, platinum’s melting point is 2042k and iridium is 2716k. By blending with rhodium or palladium, the combined metal alloy provides high resistance to chemical corrosion. They are used to make a fine electrode of 0.2mm diameter, sintered to the insulator’s ignition end or made into a wafer of 0.4 to 0.8mm diameter, or laser welded to the front end of the centre electrode and working face of the sidewall electrode. These electrodes deliver a strong discharge and are ignitable at a lower voltage while the spark gap could be increased up to 1.1 to 1.5mm.

Precious metals change the qualitative performance of a spark plug: the high corrosion resistance electrode made from precious metals remains unchanged; in the 160,000km test in which the IRtwin Twin Iridium electrode spark gap was only increased by 0.05mm. This ensures the stability of ignition voltage value, contributing to the stable operation of a vehicle’s engine.

They are suitable for cold starts. Their point discharge enables easy ignition and enhances engine operating performance at low speeds. They also reduce the heat absorption of electrode and flame, increasing ignition capacity. Fine electrode expands the gap surrounding space, increasing the accessibility of engine gas mixing to ensure a complete combustion and lower emission.

Compared to single and multiple electrodes, the main advantage of a platinum/Iridium spark plug is not to increase the ignition capacity but to improve durability. The lifespan of an Iridium spark plug is longer than the nickel alloy spark plug and it is suitable for a harsh operating environment while providing a stable operation for a high performance engine.




SGT自80-90年代以来,就不断地探索新的火花塞造型和样式。为了加强点火性能和使用寿命,SGT开始采用贵金属(铂、铱、钇等)。将其用于电极并相应改进发火端的结构。贵金属具有极高的熔点,比如说铂金熔点2042K,而铱金熔点为2716K。 加进某些元素如铑、钯之后,具有极高的抗化学腐蚀能力。将其制成细电极(直径0.2mm),直接烧结与绝缘体发火端中,或以直径为0.4 至0.8mm的圆片用激光焊接于中心电极前端和侧电极的工作面。这种电极具有强烈的尖端放电效应,在电压相对较低时也能点火,其火花间隙可加大至1.1至1.5mm。

贵金属使火花塞的性能发生了质的变化:电极的高抗蚀性能够保持火花间隙长期不变(在16万公里试验中,IRtwin Twin铱电极火花间隙仅增大0.05mm),使点火电压值稳定,发动机工作平稳。火花塞使用过程中无需调整修正火花间隙。


与单极和多级的区别不同, 铂金/铱火花塞最主要的优点并不是提高点火能量,而是提高耐久性。铱火花塞的使用寿命比镍合金的长得多,适合更恶劣的工作环境,对于高性能发动机而言,它能更持久稳定的工作。

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