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Stamford Tyres Showcases New Products at CITEXPO 2017

Stamford Tyres displayed a wide variety of its tyres at the recent CITEXPO 2017 in Shanghai, including two new Firenza patterns.

Larry Lee, Vice President, and Kobe Li of International Distribution, Stamford Tyres International Ptd Ltd, were on hand to introduce the products to visitors.

“The Firenza ST-22 and ST-06 are the two new tyres that we would like to introduce to the market. Featuring an asymmetrical pattern, the new ST-22 ultra-high performance tyre is manufactured in China. It has a special rib design and rigid outer shoulder area as well as a semi flexible outer rib formation for a high level of cornering stability, precision steering and outstanding driving comfort. Grip from the tyre’s contact area is increased through a rigid centre rib design for superior braking performance on dry roads,” said Li.

For wet performance, he said the four wide grooves, together with the lateral sipes, provided ‘ultimate’ water drainage for a shorter braking distance on wet surfaces.

“This tyre offers a comfortable ride with controlled casing rigidity and better fuel economy. It is available in 40 sizes, from 13 to 20 inches,” he added.

Production on the new Firenza ST-06, he said, would start in Thailand soon. Described as a comfort tyre, the ST-06’s stylist serrated sidewall design was said to perfectly match coupes, sedans and wagons by giving them a premium and sport inspired appearance.

“Apart from the expected safety and security through highway or country road even in wet conditions, the ST-06 provides a smooth and comfortable ride with its precisely built casing and severe uniformity inspection. It is also a fuel economy tyre.”

It is available in 26 sizes, from 14 to 18 inches of wheel diameter.

Both tyres are targeted at European, African, Latin American, Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian markets.

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